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Our RESTful printing API is a fast and efficient way to plan, produce, send and track physical marketing programs. Scale quickly with easy implementation and endless product options. You can send a single customized piece to an important client, or tens of thousands to the prospects that need a push.
Quick Guide
Print on Demand API Capabilities
print marketing automation
Print Marketing Automation
Trigger personalized print collateral directly from a marketing automation platform without manually placing the order.
promo products
Promotional Products
Automate fulfillment of customized promotional items, in single or multiple quantities, without sourcing or shipping constraints.
api mobile app
Mobile/Tablet App
Monetize your photo app with full service print on demand capabilities, from within the existing user interface.
mail automation
Transactional Mail Automation
From any data management system, integrate print on demand capabilities to automate transactional mail.
template creation
Dynamic Artwork Creation
Easily pass data to create highly variable content to customize business cards, postcards, whitepapers, catalogs and more.
FedEx tracking
FedEx Tracking
Receive notifications when products are delivered, including exact dates and times to aid in timely follow-up.
Route Selection
Route Selection
Geo-targeting plug-in that filters zip codes and demographics to identify specific carrier routes and the quantities of PO Box, business and residential addresses on that carrier route.
api features
ordering API
Order API
Trigger the send of print or promotional items in a seamless and automated way. You can send a single piece or tens of thousands. All of the printing and fulfillment comes through PrintingForLess, relieving you of any manual effort. Items can include direct mail, catalogs, newsletters, apparel, drink ware and even food items. By triggering sends of tangible products based on user behavior and using detailed personal information you can ensure that relevant pieces are sent at exactly the right time. Drive customer loyalty and improve your marketing ROI.
postal API
Postal API
This API allows you to enter the zip code for your desired geographical location and it returns carrier routes and counts. Each count is verified by the USPS so the routes are accurate and up-to-date. This is the perfect companion to our order API or it can add enhanced functionality to any site that specializes in highly targeted mailings.
route selection API
Route Selection API
This API lets you filter zip codes and demographics to identify carrier routes and the quantities of PO Box, business and residential addresses on that carrier route. It works just like our Postal Route API, but provides a more robust user experience by visually showing the map of the desired area.
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