How We Saw 258% Lift in Nurture Stream Engagement

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Omni-channel. Multi-channel. Siloed. Un-siloed. These terms get thrown around on marketing blogs so much they lose their meaning. What we mean when we talk about omni-channel marketing isn’t blasting your audience on every channel until they go deaf. We mean smart, orchestrated channel marketing that uses audience behavior, customer data and analytics to respond with targeted messaging.

It’s easy to slip into the batch-and-blast mindset because channel orchestration is hard, but the results with properly integrated marketing can be staggering. In this post, I’ll show you how PFL built a multi-channel nurture program that saw huge returns in the first three months:

  • Generated a 258% lift in engagement
  • Ignited Sales bringing in $384K+ in revenue
  • Delivered strong and rewarding 1,967% ROI
  • Drove 71% more Sales opportunities
  • Significantly streamlined marketing with a set-and-forget, systematic evergreen approach keeping direct mail sits within a nurture stream

Our Multi-Channel Nurture Strategy

The Goal

Our nurture program is highly educational and helps people we meet at trade shows or online events learn more about multi-channel marketing. However, our email engagement rates didn’t get us super-stoked and we thought prospects would be more willing to engage when they encountered messages across a variety of channels with a consistent, personalized approach. It was time to practice what we preached and drive more engagement with our nurture stream. Therefore, our goal wasn’t just to drive leads and accounts down the funnel, but to build trust and relationship, and to provide educational content.

The Approach

An evergreen approach was critical for us. We’re facing resource crunches just like everyone else, so we needed a fully automated program that could support our demand generation goals all on its own.

We started the nurture stream with weekly email outreach and retargeting ads for our most popular content. Our goal for some of these messages was to verify physical addresses (if we didn’t already have them). As people progressed through the nurture stream, we brought in the direct mail channel. If a prospect hit certain criteria and an address existed, the prospect would get a direct mail piece. Otherwise, the recipient would receive the email.

For our direct mail send, we settled on a fun package that illustrates our brand personality, but also the value of direct mail combined with digital outreach. The kit included a pen and “Better Together” notepad that had humorous examples of other pairings that are just better together. For example, Ozzie and Sharon, because your chances for love after biting the head off a bat are limited.

The CTA was low pressure, prompting a case study download. Once prospects get the direct mail, that’s when things get interesting.

Tracking behavior and engagement with our content allowed us to change what we promoted, and where. For example, once someone had received the direct mail send, we knew they’d be more likely to engage with our digital content and we hoped they’d want to see more details about how our offerings could help them. So, we sent a follow-up email to those who received the package and used retargeting ads and Real Time Personalization (RTP) on our website to support our message even further. Those who didn’t receive a package got a different email and slightly different ads and RTP.

All of this happened automatically and was personalized for the prospect depending on how they engaged with us. Digital behaviors can drive direct mail sends, while direct mail responses can, in turn, drive smarter digital engagement. It’s a circle of amazing customer experience that whisks leads right down the funnel.

The Result: Evergreen Engagement

Our nurture program is still running today, and the great thing is, we don’t have to touch it! Direct mail can be fully automated, tracked and monitored. It opens doors that otherwise can’t be budged. Emails from your organization might be blocked, or simply drown in the drudgery of digital marketing but direct mail cuts through these barriers. If your prospects are responding to your digital marketing, automated direct mail reinforces the messages, optimizes results and boosts engagement.

Want to talk about how automated direct mail can work for you? Just send us an email at

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