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We’ve added another great partnership to our list: DemandGen – an undisputed leader in marketing automation education, consultation and general wizardry.

Bray Coleman, Solutions Architect, gave us a shout-out on the company blog after we worked together to create a best practices guide for integrating our Tactile Marketing Automation™ (TMA) solution into Eloqua. Together. We’re helping DemandGen stand out with dimensional mail that plows right through the digital noise that drowns great marketing. Why does tactile marketing work? Because it works with digital channels, not against them.

True Multi-Channel Marketing Means Direct Mail

If you’re doing real multi-channel marketing, you have to include a tactile – a real stuff – channel. You know: direct mail. Isn’t direct mail dead? No, in fact it is alive and well. 79% of customers act on a direct mail piece immediately. If you want to reach prospects, you need a multi-channel approach.

Direct mail engages powerful neurology in the recipient, prompting them to respond to, or at the very least read, your message. It makes them feel valued. It makes them feel important. Now your marketing is working with the more primal, potent part of the prospect’s psychology. The results? Direct mail response rates, recall rates, and engagement are all very high.

But direct mail is most effective when it works with digital channels, not against them. Direct mail can be sent as a response to digital behavior, such as sending a postcard nudging someone back to their abandoned cart. Direct mail can be tracked so you know when it arrives, planning the perfect follow up. If you want to stand on the cutting edge, you can add near field communication (NFC) chips to your direct mail so that a mere wave of a smartphone can take your prospect directly to your website, app or other digital solution.

How PFL Makes Direct Mail Easy

Our Tactile Marketing Automation™ solution lives right inside of your marketing automation platform and lets you add direct mail sends to campaigns by simply dragging and dropping the action into your workflow.

PFL handles fulfilment, shipment and inventory of your direct mail sends. Need custom printing? We’re the nation’s first online printer and famous for our quality and attention to detail. You really don’t have to worry about anything – we make direct mail as simple as email, even if what you’re sending is a complex package, high-end gift, or highly personalized printed piece.

Want more inspiration? Check out our TMA Idea Book.

How DemandGen Helps

DemandGen are experts at getting the most out of your marketing automation platform. They can help you integrate TMA into your workflow so you get the most out of direct mail’s connection with digital channels. They can help you deploy marketing automation, tighten up existing practices, align teams for targeted success, and optimize workflows.

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