“Digital” Marketing Like you’ve Never Seen

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Some things just work together. Peanut butter and jelly. Calvin and Hobbes. Sir Lancelot and Excalibur. Dimensional mail and digital marketing campaigns.

The fact is, true multi-channel marketing is not complete without some sort of tactile component. Study after study (after study) proves that direct mail gets consumer attention, remains in the mind, and drives revenue. Yet there are modern marketers who would sound the death knell for traditional print channels like mail.

But you check your mail every day, right? Grab those letters, flyers, and the occasional package from your mailbox or PO Box, bring them inside, sort through and open it all. Every day. Except maybe Sundays. That’s for football.

What gets you excited when you grab that mail? Packages are usually pretty engaging. So are the pretty pictures on a quality glossy mailer. If you’re curious as to why, this study explains (and is some fascinating reading). The key takeaways are:

  • Tactile marketing is easier to understand
  • Tactile marketing is more persuasive
  • Tactile marketing gets the point across faster
  • Tactile marketing is more likely to drive action[1]



We’ve taken the challenges associated with traditional direct and dimensional mailing and made it as easy as an email campaign. Our Tactile Marketing Automation solution (TMA) lets you schedule or trigger the send of direct and tactile campaigns with the click of a button, right from your existing marketing automation platform.

It works just like your digital campaigns. Select your targeted audience, pick your content (in this case a mailer or package) and schedule the send. It’s all tracked in your platform, it’s all visible in the dashboard, and it’s all available for reporting. Just like your digital.

Want to mail a promo coupon to half your database? You got it. Thinking about sending a package to your top accounts to move a deal forward? Just open up TMA, pick your promo, and BAM! It’s done.

The beauty of TMA is that it works with your existing campaigns, not just beside them. Think of TMA as the physical extension of your digital initiatives. The Simon to your Garfunkel. The tactile yin to your digital yang.



Remember the original movie version of “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory”? That scene where ol’ Wonka (brilliantly played by Gene Wilder) is explaining how his new Wonka Vision works? He has developed a technology to transmit an actual bar of chocolate through the TV. When the bar arrives on the screen, young Charlie picks it up and eats it. Tactile, tangible, real. Impactful.

TMA is like that, but it’s not limited to chocolate. Send whatever you want, when you want to, to whomever you decide needs to get it. And do it all through one easy interface, tied directly to your existing marketing automation platform.

Want to learn more? Visit our Tactile Marketing AutomationTM solution (TMA) page. And get ready to enjoy digital marketing like you’ve never seen.

[1] (Canada Post Corporation, 2015, p. 14)

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