How to Integrate Tangible Materials in Your Event Marketing Strategy

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Getting people out the door to your conference or trade show takes some doing. Today there’s real pressure on perfecting your event marketing strategy. So many channels to use…

What’s the ideal mix of social media, email, mobile and other online tools? That’s the million dollar question. Building attendance may involve all of these digital technologies. But why limit yourself to online channels? You can reinforce these digital interactions with tangible materials. And you can do it from within your marketing automation software.


Let’s say you’re marketing an upcoming event with a series of online messages and phone calls. It’s an ideal opportunity to integrate some tangible materials and perhaps even some branded promotional items.

Maybe your event has its own web site and includes forms for those interested in attending. When a form’s submitted, an email is triggered, inviting that person to RSVP. After a specific time, if he or she still hasn’t registered, the system triggers a personalized postcard that’s mailed to “nudge” that prospect to revisit the URL (maybe even a PURL) and sign up.

That postcard’s relevant because it’s personalized: you have all the data in your system already. And it’s so unexpected in this digitally obsessed world that it has a significant effect. The tangible aspect will catch people off guard – and get you props for being different.



Next thing you know, that person’s gone to the URL and registered for your event. This action can trigger the mailing of a promotional item, like a calendar or a water bottle, or your event packet.

The beauty of this strategy is not only that it blends digital with tangible marketing, thereby giving respondents a unique, cross-media experience, but also that it can be automated through your online system.

Use the data from your marketing portal to generate multichannel touches, which are based on triggers that you set up for every campaign. It’s streamlined and super-efficient. And you can manage it all from one platform.

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