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Right now there are 869 unread emails in my inbox. You may have twice that many. Maybe four times as many.

Email has become a productivity sap and is being replaced by services, like Slack, for internal communication. Slack has a $3.8 billion valuation, so it seems like getting rid of email is worth a fortune. 

How did it get this bad? Lets be honest, this flood of email is coming from us: marketers use expensive marketing automation tech in a catastrophic race to the bottom.

It doesn’t have to be this way, and it shouldn’t. Marketing automation platforms do so much more than email. Here’s how to inject energy into your automation.

Get a Dedicated Owner for Your Marketing Automation Platform

Before you kick your marketing tech into overdrive, you need a pilot to keep it from crashing into the sea. Many organizations purchase an expensive software platform and abandon the need for training, certification and proper implementation. A marketing automation platform is an enormous beast, it needs a dedicated manager to prove its value to your company. You need to train up a 100% user – someone that can (and will) use all of the platform’s features. Even if a tech stack has features that don’t make sense for your organization, it only benefits you to know the scope and limitations of those features.

Choose someone that loves digital technology. Your marketing operations team is a good place to look for a candidate. Invest in them by arranging for training, certifications and sending them to user groups and conferences.

Get Your Attribution Model into Fighting Shape

Marketing automation allows you to orchestrate true multi-channel marketing How is your martech stack stacking up when it comes to measuring success?

Decide how you want to measure attribution. First and last touch models are well known, but as the number of channels grows these models become outdated. We think fractional attribution is the best fit a true multi-channel marketing approach.

This model is a challenge to set up, optimize and maintain but if take the time to do it, you’ll have a much better view of what’s working.

  • Decide on your metrics before you start measuring.
  • Keep your attribution model flexible.
  • Get your entire analytics team bought-in on the metrics process.

Add Automated Tactile Marketing to the Mix

Everything improves when you add tangible marketing to your marketing automation. The real-stuff approach works because it bypasses email filters, corporate blockers, and other digital gateways to make meaningful connections. We think the easiest way to see all of your channels improve is to orchestrate tactile marketing with digital channels.

  • Use tactile marketing to warm up leads, accounts, and prospects to your digital messages.
  • Re-imagine your best content as a slick, kitted piece that stands out. Use it to drive hot prospects through the funnel or on-board customers.
  • Send a crate full of branded clothes to an entire team in your target account. Tie it in with a social promotion. Coordinate the whole thing to align with an industry event and boost your exposure within the market while nurturing your lead.

How else to say it? Real stuff is fun. A well-designed kit gets attention, it causes a stir. People talk about it and they click emails when they show up later.

{{lead.First Name:default=friend}} is not Personalization

So your martech stack is pumping out personalized emails. Be honest, is it just pasting a first name and title in the greeting? Sure, you can slice and dice your segments with extreme accuracy but personalization has to go further, deeper and be more impactful than just adding a first name.

  • Change the settings so that you are sending emails from a person, not your company. We use our CMO’s handle.
  • Change out buzzwords, jargon or even whole sentences based on segments and personas. Focus on personalized value props, stats, and metrics that matter to that segment.
  • Make use of targeted, personalized landing pages. All marketing automation platforms include the ability to spin up simple, but powerful, landing pages.
  • Plan your resources accordingly – it takes time and elbow grease to set up great personalization.

Start getting the most out of your marketing technology platform, add automated, tactile marketing to your platform.

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