No Need to Go Offline to Send Physical Marketing Campaigns

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Modern marketers can use all the help they can get to deliver the right messages to prospects and customers at specific points in the sales process. Having maximum impact is critical, and it often comes down to timing, like the punch line of a joke.

What if you want to acknowledge certain online actions or behaviors with a personalized gift you can send off-line? Maybe you want to follow up to an email response with a note card. Or send everyone who registers for your CMO’s webinar an autographed copy of his new book.

Sending premiums or direct mail materials to people you’re engaging with isn’t new. But this typically involves you scrambling to get your hands on that premium or locating that box of note cards. It’s not exactly a smooth integration of marketing messages across channels. It’s more like “marketing, interrupted,” and it’s not pretty.

By the time that piece is found, addressed and mailed, the right moment has passed. You lost that chance to make a “wow” impact, and when the gift does arrive, you’ll be lucky if recipients make the connection.

If you can send your physical marketing messages directly through your marketing automation software, your scrambling days are over. You won’t lose momentum. You’ll increase sales productivity. Automated tangible marketing can be personalized, making it more relevant. Now you can coordinate the timing and delivery of a mix of marketing touches, online and off, in all the channels you use.

The hardest part may be figuring out how to get started. We can help. Start with a visit to our section on automated direct mail. There’s lots of information on our Tactile Marketing Automation™ software interface, plus a resource library that shares ideas about how you can implement it for your company.

And don’t worry about what tangible items you can or cannot send using this software: If you can dream it, we can send it!

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