Some of Our Favorite Tangible Marketing Campaigns

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What makes a tangible marketing campaign work? At its core, tangible marketing needs the same considerations as any other marketing campaign: it must build a human connection, it has to be memorable and it has to net a great return on investment. Beyond the basics, tangible marketing has to work in three dimensions, it has to engage as many of the senses as possible, it has to survive the horrors of being shipped across the country and it has to be perfectly orchestrated with digital channels.

Here are some of our favorite tangible marketing campaigns.

Jellyvision Targets at the Right Time

Jenn Kloc, Senior Marketing Manager for Jellyvision, wanted to target accounts swamped in their busiest season. Marketing to a prospect under this much stress is a risky move, but if you can manage to break through and grab attention, you may find excellent traction. Kloc’s challenge was getting that attention and keeping it long enough to start a conversation. She was going to do it with a fun, engaging Open Enrollment Survival Kit (Jellyvision’s audience is HR staff that needs to train employees on benefit packages). And she was going to send it right in the middle of open enrollment season.

PFL helped her kit, package and ship packages to prospects but it’s Jellyvision’s strong imagery, fun copy and concise branding that made this campaign work. Who could resist opening these fun boxes? The campaign was a success for Jellyvision, beating goals for response rate and call-backs.

Jellyvision sees huge response rates with tactile marketing automation

Why It Worked

  • Orchestrated direct mail and digital channels allowed for perfect timing, even during a busy season.
  • Strong, cohesive branding built a better customer experience.
  • Fun, engaging art direct and copy made the tangible send irresistible.

LiveRamp Builds Their Own Luck with Fortune Cookies

LiveRamp drummed up demand for their identity resolution solutions be sending an edible tactile piece. Tangible marketing should be memorable, it should spark an organic conversation around someone’s desk. What better way to do that than send blue fortune cookies?

The cookies are filled with custom LiveRamp copy, some promoting their brand others speaking directly to features. As prospects crack open the cookies, LiveRamp’s story is slowly revealed. And it worked – LiveRamp added bigger accounts to their pipeline and shrank time to close by 33% with this campaign.


Why It Worked

  • Blue fortune cookies get noticed – and even if they aren’t eaten, they are opened.
  • Fortune cookies are interactive, drawing the prospect to touch, hold and break them open.
  • A mysterious, slow reveal of the brand’s story and value is memorable.

AdRoll Gives You the Blueprint for Success

AdRoll offers cutting edge retargeting solutions for marketers everywhere. They used tangible marketing to send their content, a gift card, and personalized notes from their sales team to garner interest. Their approach is very different from LiveRamp’s, putting everything in the kit. The kit contains multiple components, and this makes it easier to pass the branded materials around the office, spreading a little branding wherever they go.

AdRoll's Tangible Marketing Kit

Why It Worked

  • Content that tells the entire story is easily read, passed around and enjoyed.
  • Personalized greeting cards leave an impact.
  • Despite its complexity, the kit is affordable because it uses standard sizes and builds.

Tangible marketing, when perfectly orchestrated with digital channels, is a powerful channel that drives response rates across your brand. If you want to get inspired even further, check out our Idea Book then give us a call and see if PFL is a good fit for your organization.

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