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Remember the days before that slick little computer in your pocket? When you had to rely on a salesperson in a store, or the car lot, or over the phone to give you the details about something you wanted to buy?

Marketers and salespeople held all the cards. As a seller, you were able to get away with less. Less information, less personalization, less relevance—because your customers and prospects weren’t as savvy as they are now. Today, buyers demand more, and expectations have shifted as the consumer landscape has changed.

Your prospect is looking for relevant, timely, personalized information regardless of the delivery channel—and if you aren’t sending it to them, they’re still getting answers somewhere.

Marketing in the pre-smartphone era was less targeted than it is today. You could “spray and pray” by scattering your message across the consumer landscape, and you’d likely reach someone. Now, there are just too many channels. Too much noise. Prospects are simply inundated with information. They are selective about what they want, and even more so about when and where they want it.

Targeted Marketing Overview

Know your Target

So what’s a marketer to do? First, step back. It’s time to segment your prospects and your content, and identify how to engage your audience. While it may take time to round up your content library and define your sales lifecycle, the long-term dividends are huge.

Welcome emails and postcards are perfect for that first touch. A custom bound, printed case study with an exclusive offer is not. It could be a great tool later in your sales cycle. It could be even better in the final proposal stage.

You will need to identify where your content will work. Do your research. Look at previous deals and the collateral that you used.  What worked for engaging customers early in the sales cycle? What about later in the funnel? Do you even have a funnel? Knowing where your prospects are in the buying lifecycle will help you target your marketing efforts, which saves you time and money.

Pick the Right Tools

You don’t use a shovel to cut a board in half, nor would you use a saw to dig a ditch. In marketing, the same principles apply. You have to use the right piece of content at the right time and through the right channel to serve your intended purpose. Judicious use of content helps position you as an authority, which builds confidence in the buyer, which translates to won deals.

Marketing automation solutions have made it easier than ever for marketers to execute “batch and blast” email campaigns to their prospects. They even allow targeting, segmentation, and triggered content delivery. But think about your own inbox, and which folder is biggest. Probably your Junk Mail.

You should definitely be using email. It’s a cost effective marketing channel. But you should also know that email open rates hover between 13-25%, with click through rates ranging from 1-6%.[1] The fact is that folks suffer from digital fatigue—the tendency to disregard email and web campaigns because of overexposure to them.

Since a large portion of your prospect list is not going to respond to email alone, think about other options. Why not try a new approach and send them a unique, personalized tangible piece? Direct mail, or a personalized gift, can cut through the clutter and make a real impact with your contact.


Drive it Home

For from being outdated, physical mail gives you another powerful tool in the marketing kit. When you supplement your digital campaigns with tangible pieces, you stand out and engage your audience. And as a result, you drive revenue with closed deals.

But the rules still apply. You have to target your prospects. You have to send the right piece at the right time. And you have to track it all.

With solutions like Tactile Marketing AutomationTM  and SwagIQ from PFL, you can manage mailings directly from your marketing automation and CRM solutions. Make your direct and dimensional campaigns as easy as sending an email, and manage all of your cross-channel marketing efforts from a single platform.

So send that postcard, that gift, your carefully constructed kit that contains your branded collateral and a personal note. You will build on and enhance your existing initiatives, connect with your prospects, and keep your brand top of mind.

Follow Through

Once you implement a dimensional mail component into your overall marketing strategy, you have to measure it. Tracking your outreach will enable you to calculate your return on investment (ROI). Did your targeted send to the top 25 prospects drive deals to close? Did it move the needle at all?

Relentlessly review campaign performance, regardless of channel. By looking at numbers like program cost vs new customer valuation, you can understand where you get the highest ROI. Once you know that, it’s easy to allocate your marketing budget where you see the best results.

With your ROI information in hand, you can start the cycle all over again. Whittle away at the lists, find the best targets, send the best message through the best channel, and watch your business grow.

Questions about implementing a dimensional strategy with your digital marketing? Give us a call. Let’s build something great together.

[1] http://mailchimp.com/resources/research/email-marketing-benchmarks/

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