How Tactile Marketing Increases Response Rates

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In a perfect world, everyone would respond to you. Your calls would be returned immediately. All your emails would be opened — and answered — and you would have dozens of prospects flooding your pipeline. Yet somehow, the world is less than perfect. Contacts are too busy to notice your hellos. Conversations get lost as team members move on. Your emails make it as far as the junk box. Prospects get hooked by another angler, and you’re left with a dial tone. You settle for response rates between 2% and 5%.

While we don’t (exactly) know how to change the world at PFL, we know how to change multi-channel marketing game. Our Tactile Marketing Automation (TMA) can help take your response rates and bring them into unprecedented territories.


We do know how to drive results, and how to get your brand noticed. We collaborate with you to combine digital and direct-mail outreach (an average 7.9% response rate) and potentially bump you into you into the 20-33% zone. All that and a huge ROI to boot.

How Jellyvision Increased Response Rates with Tactile Marketing

“We saw a 179x ROI while tripling response rate goal, all while targeting our customers during their busiest time of year. Tangible marketing gets results.” – Jellyvision

Jellyvision saw dramatic results because they took a dramatic risk. They wouldn’t have taken that risk if they didn’t know how to do a lot right. Firstly, Jellyvision has a strong (and whimsical) brand identity. Their retro TV logo stands out and easily opens them to exciting, creative tactile pieces.


Secondly, they timed their execution perfectly. They sent a stand-out package to prospects they knew would be slammed during their busiest season.


Jellyvision’s bold idea proved to be a win. They quickly gained traction with strong accounts. We know that tactile makes a big splash, minimizing their risk (skydiving with a net). Lastly, Jellyvision was able to see such huge returns because they used an automated, scalable solution that was built right into their marketing automation platform.

“The best thing about Tactile Marketing Automation (by PFL) is that it’s streamlined and focused. It’s really easy to add it to your marketing flow, saving managers a lot of time.” – Jenn Kloc

Jellyvision sees huge response rates with tactile marketing automation

When you approach a multi-channel marketing, it’s important to keep three things in mind:

  1. Your brand identity. How can you communicate your brand vision through real things your prospects can feel? What can you send that immediately connects with your customers and will want them to start a conversation with you?
  2. Timing: What’s really the best time to reach out and try and touch these prospects? What time during their sales cycle do they need your product, or mailing, the most? That’s the time they will be the most likely to respond to you.
  3. Current marketing resources: How aligned are you within your department? Are your marketing and sales team on the same page? The more organized you are coming into adding the dimensional-mail channel, the better chance it has to drive higher results.

The real power of automation comes with orchestration. Once you add a human touch to your campaign, TMA integrates with your CRM to give your real-time updates on what’s happening. For instance, you receive an alert when a package arrives to your prospect, prompting you follow up with a timely call to them once you do. The conversation continues along perfectly timed social cues, and keeps your conversation relevant, efficient and its progress trackable.

Want to know more about how clients were able to streamline their communication and drive results out of the park? Click here to learn how Invoca boosted response rates and managed a staggering 1,500x ROI.

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