Marketo Loves Direct Mail – and So Do We!

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Hey, look at that! Marketo has a great article on how to use direct mail in your multi-channel campaign.

Marketo uses the best-in-class software to automate, personalize, and deliver real one-to-one communication with their direct mail and dimensional mail. How do we know? They’re our customer and we couldn’t thank them more.

Check out their post, but here are three more reasons why you should use direct mail in your campaign.

It Works With Digital Channels

Direct mail isn’t a competitor to your digital channels, it is a partner. Direct mail can drive engagement back to your site, it can highlight important pieces of content, and it can be a foundational pillar in a nurture campaign. If you’re doing trade shows or other event marketing, your printed, tangible collateral is crucial. Tie it into your digital campaigns by using QR codes, PURLs, coupon codes or simply referencing your site, blog or other resource. Use email to give customers access to great printed materials, maybe content like a guidebook or something else that’s useful.

You can add Near Field Communication chips (NFCs) to printed collateral that lets a phone scan and automatically react to the chip. It could let a prospect scan a sample packet and go directly to a pricing page, use a postcard to take them to a shopping cart, or drop them into a nurture campaign. The point is that physical, tangible materials are gateways to get them back into your digital channels, or a fun reward for checking out your marketing.

Response Rates Are Nuts

Direct mail, when combined with other channels has an enormous response rate – according to an InfoTrends report together print and email get a 7.6% response rate. It’s also easy to add to a marketing automation platform like Marketo (we know because we’re building great solutions that do just that), so there’s no time like today to take advantage of such a high response rate.

Why are direct mail and email so great together? Email serves as a low-cost, highly measurable channel to deliver first and last touches, but nothing beats direct mail for a mid-touch. When some analysts and attribution models look at marketing contribution as a W, direct mail is the spike in the middle.

It’s Smart

Marketo’s post touches on how deeply you can personalize direct mail, and that is smart. You can leverage the rich behavioral data captured by your marketing automation platform to drive specific messages at the right time. A great example is sending a postcard (maybe with a coupon code) to someone that’s left an item in an abandoned cart. When combined with the consistent reach of retargeting ads and a personalized mention in an email, the message hits home. Just be sure you cadence is effective, not annoying.

You can start using direct mail in your campaigns today, it’s a solid channel for B2B and B2C organizations. Give us a call or shoot an email to learn how you can effectively integrate direct mail into your marketing automation solution and begin truly engaging your customers and prospects.


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