Why Great Customer Service Made #FlipMyFunnel My Most Meaningful Event Ever

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Twice on the plane home from #FlipMyFunnel, I shocked people who touched me. I couldn’t help but attribute it to the show and the one word that described it all: electrifying.

Calling #FlipMyFunnel a networking event would be a gross understatement. Mingling with the 300+ attendees felt more like an intimate gathering of friends sharing their passion for a new kind of marketing.

Whether it was sitting at dinner (where I experienced some serious customer love in an uncomfortably long hug from Nick Ezzo—thanks bud) or during the sessions, marketers got real about ABM. Because that’s what happens when you get people together who are fired up. They want to share their success and set you up to do the same.

Which is why I was pumped to see so many of our customers presenting. Whether it was Julia Stead of Invoca talking about her multi-channel ABM results, or Jessica Cross of Everstring flashing her tech stack, I was excited to see our customers  sharing their success stories.

I’ve had the privilege of watching our customers do the cool, innovative marketing that #FlipMyFunnel was all about. I watched Invoca increase ROI by %1500 with the send of a calculator and a mock Amazon gift card.

I’ve also seen customers like my co-presenter, Shari Johnston of OpenDNS, increase meetings by 50%, as well as close major accounts like Costco with direct mail as part of their ABM strategy.

There have been coffee mugs, healthy snacks, even popcorn machines. And the list goes on.

It’s such an exciting time for marketers, and the ones winning are taking full advantage of progressive tactics like ABM to blow their prospects away.

The one day #FlipMyFunnel event was more helpful than all the week long conferences I’ve attended combined. Instead of the vague concepts that pepper most industry events, #FlipMyFunnel presenters shared real-life stories on what they did, how they did it, the tech they used, their mistakes and lessons learned.

Twelve hours later, I found myself exhausted, hoarse, and walking on air. With every hug, hand-shake, or on-stage shout-out to PFL, I was humbled to be helping our customers be successful as they define it. They’re the best in the world—thanks to all for making my #FlipMyFunnel experience so meaningful.


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