Happy 10th Birthday Salesforce AppExchange!

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The year 2006 brought about a lot of monumental events: the launch of Twitter, the demotion of Pluto to a dwarf planet (#neverforget), and the birth of the Salesforce AppExchange.

Since its launch, Salesforce has welcomed 2,929 apps into the AppExchange and witnessed a staggering 3,478,105 installations (and counting). Their focus to help their customers sell smarter has made them the world’s number one CRM solution and helped to create a brand following that is unlike any other.

Their success could be attributed to a lot of different factors, from CRM capabilities, to company culture, to community service. But it all boils down to one thing: they truly care. And it’s an authenticity that is reflected in everything the company has achieved since its beginnings.

There’s actually a phrase that Salesforce has coined to encapsulate the company’s mindset. It’s something they call the “Aloha Spirit,” and in their own words, stands for “…a spirit of being genuine, inclusive, caring and compassionate, enjoying a healthy dose of fun and treating those around you like family.” It’s something CEO and Chairman Marc Benioff conceived during a stent of world travels that opened his eyes to the idea of giving back while pursuing his ambitions. “I realized I didn’t have to make a choice between doing business and doing good,” said Benioff.

While we may be newcomers when it comes to being part of the AppExchange, it doesn’t take long to realize that what the company has created is something extremely special.

And so today we want to wish our friends and partners over at the AppExchange the happiest of 10th birthdays. As they celebrate an entire decade, we ourselves are filled with gratitude for the successes both we and our SwagIQ customers have witnessed since partnering with Salesforce.

The partnership experience that Salesforce creates has been the experience we’ve been able to pass on to our own customers. The AppExchange has allowed us to offer them the tools they need to drive results and achieve success without ever leaving their CRM. It’s something we owe to Salesforce and to the Aloha spirit that starts with Benioff and percolates through the organization, empowering us to empower our own customers.

It’s been an exciting past year working with these amazing folks, and one we couldn’t be more grateful for them. So AppExchange, thank you for all the passion and prosperity you’ve passed down the line, and Happy Birthday.

We hope you have a blast today.

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