Hottest Sales Tools at Dreamforce 2015—PFL Makes the List

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Amidst the mind-blowing, high-tech landscape that was Dreamforce 2015, we noticed one major trend: it’s getting harder and harder to impress anyone. Show someone a new tool that leverages data to increase sales effectiveness, and they’ll show you dozens of other companies doing the same thing.

To stand out from the crowd and demonstrate measurable impact with any solution is a real coup. This is exactly why we were honored to be recently highlighted for our revolutionary sales tool, SwagIQ.

In early October, we were featured in the Forbes article “From Dreamforce ’15: Behavioral Analytics are Transforming the B2B Sales Process.” Our SwagIQ Intelligent Gifting solution was profiled, along with 9 other sales tools “that made a particular splash at this year’s Dreamforce conference.”

SwagIQ stands tall at #8. Don’t be fooled—there’s no ranking here. (The list is alphabetical.) We’re not usually ones to brag, but we can’t help quoting Forbes:

“One of the most unique sales tools on the market is PFL’s SwagIQ software solution, which connects with the Salesforce Sales Cloud to provide sales teams with new ways of connecting with clients and prospects.”

Best in class sales enablement solutions for the discriminating customer

Gone are the days of the straightforward sales process. Sales teams today are scrambling to respond to an ever more discerning consumer who expects tailored experiences. This customer thinks you should know what they do, who they sell to, the unique challenges they face and how your solution can address it all.

With such demanding buyers, it’s hard just to get a foot in the door—let alone break from the herd and get noticed.

With that in mind, Forbes dug into what they identified as “the future of sales.” We share the spotlight with other cutting-edge solutions in the predictive intelligence, sales automation and sales forecasting space. All of these offerings are going where virtually none have gone before, and all promise to drastically increase sales revenue and effectiveness.

Connecting the dots in a meaningful way

Among the featured solutions, the most common thread is robust analytics. These analytics give sales teams the tools to see what’s working and grow their engagement strategy in real time.

Another common thread among solutions is that each is entirely digital. The exception to this digital dominance is our SwagIQ offering.  As we waded through the sea of Dreamforce, we noticed that only a handful of other companies are incorporating valuable, real-world items into the sales process.

The beauty of SwagIQ is that it uses the best of both worlds. It incorporates physical items in a fully automated, modern way—direct from your Salesforce installation. You don’t have to choose between sending a gift that makes it to your decision maker and digitally tracking the effectiveness of your sales strategies. SwagIQ lets you do both.

Here’s to future innovation

The B2B sales process is evolving rapidly, and it will surely continue to change as new technologies emerge and buyers demand more. We’re excited to be a part of the ever growing class of technology solving real-world sales problems. While it’s true that increased innovation means customers are harder to impress, we’re ready to help you rise to the challenge.

We’re already looking forward to Dreamforce 2016 and what the future may bring!

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