Increase Sales Velocity in 60 Days

BoostSales_Blog_HEADERReal sales velocity comes with true orchestration across every channel. While we at PFL are champions of tactile marketing, we know that using it the wrong way could raze your budget. Tangible marketing isn’t a replacement for any other channel in your mix. It is a catalyst for your marketing. It’s ignitor fluid. It’s rocket fuel.

Here’s what a truly orchestrated multi-channel campaign could look like with tactile marketing. Ready for liftoff?

First 10 Days: Warm Up Prospects to Boost Sales Velocity

The goal for the first ten days is to warm up your prospects, so they’ll engage with the rest of your marketing. Aim at moving prospects into specific directions, like engaged, or SQL status.

  • Append necessary data before you move forward. You will need physical addresses as well as email and phone numbers to orchestrate a true multi-channel campaign. Retargeting ads are also a nice touch — now is the time to set those up.
  • Launch your campaign with a physical send. Make sure your creative is compelling and speaks directly to your audience. Pique interest.
  • The same day the physical send arrives, reach out to the prospect with a phone call. Don’t call them with your regular script– instead, make the call all about the tangible send that just arrived.
  • Follow your call with an email that references both the marketing send and the message you just left.

Tip for upping results: Make sure your send includes a personal note with your headshot and signature, and don’t skimp on the voicemails if you don’t have a live connect. Why? Now you’re not just a sales rep, you’re a real person with a face and a voice.

Day 11-30: Keep Them Engaged

Keep your sales velocity pushed to the limit by keeping them engaged, spreading the word and building excitement. Sure, this is usually marketing’s job, but in a fully aligned team it’s everyone’s responsibility. Here’s how you do it:

  • Continue to reach out per your sales process, and keep that conversation going. To see the best results, reach out no less than seven times.
  • Use a combination of channels, from digital to physical, and keep them orchestrated in perfect harmony.

Keep them engaged with orchestrated engagement

Tip for upping results: Orchestrated multi-channel outreach includes email and interactive content. Don’t limit yourself to just digital, or physical mediums. Both can be interactive.

Day 31 – 60: Close Deals Faster

You’ve converted leads to opportunities, which you continue to nurture with great content and sales touches. As your deals move closer to a decision, more stakeholders arrive on the scene and that means things start to slow down. Here are some multi-channel tactics to keep that momentum going:

  • If you need to reach new contacts or a whole new division within an account, a swag bomb sent to everyone in the group can do wonders. You’ll create buzz and get attention the attention of new stakeholders and influencers, some of whom you may not even be connected to yet (Don’t forget that note and headshot!).
  • Look for face-to-face time to seal the deal. Upcoming events are a great opportunity — make sure sales and marketing work together to sniff out options and decide on tactics. We’ve found that dinners away from the hustle and bustle of the main event do a great job of getting those mid-sales-funnel leads to the finish line.  

Now go get ’em! You’re ready to close that deal!

Tip for upping results: Offer a thoughtful gesture as a thank you for attending a demo, scheduling a meeting, or reaching a milestone (like a signed contract, hooray!). Is there a connection you make for them on LinkedIn? Does the company need reviews on g2Crowd or Yelp? What about sharing their content on social? It will show your prospects that you value them as people– not just as prospects.

Want some more proof? See how LiveRamp boosted sales velocity by 66%.

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