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pmcbanner We’re excited to announce the launch of our third solution on the Salesforce AppExchange, the Personal Marketing Center (PMC).

Personal Marketing Center is a robust, native Salesforce solution that empowers distributed sales forces by putting marketing collateral into sellers’ hands no matter where they are. Marketing departments control the assets that enter Personal Marketing Center, from email, print, direct mail and everything in between, setting controls to lock logos, messaging, and design in place. Sales agents in the field can access the marketing materials they need when they need them.

pmc1We build solutions that make personalized, one-to-one connections easy and that functionality is at the core of Personal Marketing Center. Seller’s can personalize, manage and execute their own local marketing, enabling them to provide relevant experiences and save time in the field.

Assets automatically update with the correct headshot, contact information, and legal disclaimers so brand and regulatory compliance problems are a thing of the past. This personalization is powered by Salesforce Marketing Cloud, earning Personal Marketing Center the distinction of being the first cross-cloud solution in the AppExchange.

Sales reps don’t have to worry about chasing down print orders or tracking direct mail sends either because PFL handles all of that. We print, package, ship, track and report anything ordered through PMC.

pmc2The fun isn’t just for sales reps in the field—PMC gives corporate marketing full visibility into field rep activity, content performance and customer journeys. For many of our clients, this is the first time marketing and distributed sales have been able to peer into the other’s black box, allowing real sales and marketing alignment.

“We’ve seen countless companies with distributed sales forces struggle with sales enablement. Corporate marketing wants control of the brand message and visibility into field marketing, and field marketers want to be able to personalize their customer journeys,” said Andrew Field, CEO at PFL. “PMC empowers the rep on the ground to do their marketing the way it needs to be done, while still being brand and regulatory compliant.”

You can learn more about PMC on the AppExchange and on our website.

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