Aligning Sales and Marketing with Personal Marketing Center®

Empower Loan Officers with Customizable, Compliant and Multi-Channel Assets

A mortgage company offers more than just a way to buy a home. They offer a journey to homeownership for their customers, and that journey relies on scaled marketing communication for every step of the way. But scaling personalized marketing and keeping it on-brand and compliant was a challenge for one of PFL's large mortgage customers. They turned to PFL's Personal Marketing Center (PMC) to house customizable direct mail and digital assets within Salesforce, making their efforts scalable, trackable and personalizable, all why staying on brand.
The mortgage company focuses on building lifelong relationships with its customers, which means ensuring that clients receive thorough, personalized communication through every step of the loan process to help them make the financial decisions for their needs. But supporting this mission was no easy task for both the loan officers and corporate marketing.
The marketing team struggled with sales enablement. Their loan officers frequently submitted requests for customized marketing materials, or went rogue and created their own.
The marketing team was spending too much time managing these requests, and not enough time creating new content and addressing other marketing initiatives. The team was also concerned about compliance risks.
"Each time we found out a loan officer had created their own content, our hearts froze in worry about compliance," said the company's Database Marketing Manager. "In our industry, we have to be so careful about compliance and the fine print. This isn't always top of mind for our loan officers."
Furthermore, the marketing team had no visibility into how their content performed and how effective their loan officers efforts truly were. The marketing team was responsible for managing data across Salesforce, Marketing Cloud, and many other channels.
Our loan officers rely heavily on multi-channel outreach. We were dealing with messy importing and exporting of data to make this happen and had limited visibility into outreach effectiveness.
Their manual process of creating customized content and getting it delivered to the right person was wreaking havoc on the customer experience. "It was almost impossible for our personalized resources to be delivered to the customer in a timely way," the Database Marketing Manager said.
A partnership with PFL's PMC® solution allows he mortgage company to make it easy for their loan officers to access all of their marketing materials – from emails, nurture stream campaigns, and print collateral – without ever leaving Salesforce. Some aspects of their collaboration with Salesforce and PFL include:
On-demand collateral
With the Salesforce Marketing Cloud integration, reps can send marketing emails and add contacts to automated marketing campaigns. Email and direct mail send data and attribution lives within Salesforce, providing a 360º view into the customer and asset performance.
Data integration and transparency
There is now clarity and understanding between departments and marketing channels, which brings in a focused sense of revenue contribution and helps save time and resources.
Brand and regulatory compliance
Smart templates drive the assets, allowing extreme personalization while maintaining brand compliance.
Improved sales efficiency
Point solutions were removed and now loan officers don't have to leave Salesforce to access cross-channel marketing materials. Loan officers spend less time executing marketing and can even have support staff send assets on their behalf.
  • Compliantly customize assets and add contacts to curated content streams
  • Access all marketing collateral in one place.
  • Leverage multiple channels for maximum results
  • Do all of the above within Salesforce
Large Mortgage Savings
PMC makes Salesforce a place where loan officers can do their business - not just manage contacts.
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