Tech Company PFL Opens "HQ East" Doors In Indianapolis
February 27, 2018
Rachel Johnson
Tactile Marketing Automation (TMA)® pioneer PFL officially open its doors east of their native Montana on February 28th. Founded as America's first online printing company in 1996, PFL reinvented their future in 2014, offering software-as-a service (SaaS) products to their customers. TMA® helps marketing and sales professionals create a true multi-channel experience by leveraging the data they have in their marketing automation platform and CRM system.
The opening of a second headquarters in Indianapolis not only will add at least 40 new jobs to the local tech scene this year, but it also offers a new operation strategy for the company, putting PFL on East Coast time, in a thriving hub that's separate from Silicon Valley. The move strategically places PFL across the street from one of their partners, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, and in a thriving pool of talent from which to hire.
It's no secret that Indianapolis is one of the country's strongest-growing technology scenes. TIME Magazine named Indianapolis one of the 20 Hottest Cities for Tech Jobs and CBRE ranked Indianapolis #5 in the nation for tech job growth. SmartAsset ranked Indianapolis as the fourth-best city for women in technology. Washington, D.C., was first. PFL is excited to add its East HQ to the ranks of Indianapolis' thriving tech scene.
Come join PFL Wednesday, February 28, at 5:00 PM, to celebrate the grand opening of the newest chapter of the company's future. Please contact Rachel Johnson ( for more details.
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A Montana born-and-raised marketing technology company, PFL provides sales and marketing solutions-as well as printing, mailing and fulfilment services that directly connect B2B and B2C organizations with cutting-edge methods to accelerate productivity and drive business forward.
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