Empowering Loan Officers with High Impact Marketing Tools

A large mortgage company knew the power of direct mail marketing, but they needed a way to improve upon their previous efforts. Their former batch-and-blast ways were low on attribution and they knew they were wasting resources in that process. They were also executing email marketing from separate tech portals, which was creating unnecessary overhead and making it hard to track and share results. They decided to take everything in house and use PFL to help them execute smarter, multichannel automated campaign tied directly into Salesforce.
PMC screen content The company's corporate marketing struggled with sales enablement, leading their loan officers to execute direct mail, email outreach and marketing automation in silos. This lead to a fragmented customer experience, wasted time in execution and limited visibility into results for the corporate marketing team.
What the mortgage company needed was a simplified workflow for users that employed a fully integrated solution inside Salesforce. They sought greater control and full insights into customer activities, content performance and individual journeys. Their hope was to save the company time and money, but to also provide their customers with an improved and streamlined experience.
The mortgage company integrated PFL's Tactile Marketing Automation within Salesforce Marketing Cloud to incorporate personalized direct mail into their time-based journeys. These customer journeys focused on retention for future financings, refinances and loans, in addition to realtor prospecting and relationship building.
Direct mail components of the journey are personalized for the prospect and printed on demand. This greatly reduces marketing overhead for mailings and gives insight into how prospects or partners behave after receiving direct mail. Soon after their multi-channel marketing campaign was up and running, the mortgage company moved forward to integrate direct mail, print and promo into their sales efforts. Using PFL's Personal Marketing Center, a sales asset management solution that lives within Salesforce, the company exposed branded emails, print, direct mail, and promo to their sales team. The idea was to drive Salesforce adoption, empower their loan officers to efficiently run their own business operations, and keep all future and former customer information in one place.
Loan officers could easily personalize and send marketing-approved content (SFMC email + print), and they were able to add customers to marketing-built Salesforce Journey Builder journeys.
The mortgage company's partnership with PFL resulted in a large reduction in corporate marketing and loan officer overhead. Marketing spent less time on one-off customization requests and loan officers could quickly execute personalized marketing on any channel. This, in turn, lowered customer acquisition costs by enabling loan origination teams to foster and close deals more effectively. In addition, all data and workflow was housed in Salesforce, giving full insight into activities, customer journeys and asset performance.
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