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The Swag Bomb
One to Many Gifting
A Swag Bomb is a fun way to hit everyone in a target account with cool, branded stuff. It is a collection of gifts sent to a whole team in your prospect account. Hit the whole marketing department, everyone in IT, or the people in procurement with a box of thought gifts that keep you top of mind.
Included with SwagIQ
You can send a Swag Bomb as part of the SwagIQ software solution. Since the SwagIQ application integrates with Salesforce, you can quickly set up triggers to send whole groups a Swag Bomb and get real-time notifications when the package is delivered.
Start a Conversation
Ripping open a huge box of stuff has a powerful effect on group dynamics. It gets teams talking.
And that's what you want, right? A conversation. Get your target account talking as a group because they will decide as a group. Follow up with the prospects at the right time and keep the conversation going. Getting the whole team involved will lead to faster buy-in and reduced sales cycles.
Swag Bomb
Swag Idea Book
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