The Tactile Marketing Automation® Idea Book

Tactile Marketing Automation®
Have Your Cake
The digital world is a crowded place. No one is going out of their way to hear what you have to say. You have to get in front of them in a memorable, engaging way. But how?
It can be a piece of cake.
No really, use a piece of cake. Sure it might be made of foam, but it would get your attention, right?
We're PFL and we are experts at kicking open doors and making real impacts. Our Tactile Marketing Automation® (TMA®) solution helps you drive results through the send of personalized, high-impact dimensional mail, directly from your marketing automation platform.
It's much easier to show you some examples of what we do, that's why we made this idea book. Flip through, get inspired, and get noticed.
get noticed
Your initial marketing message faces stiff competition from all sides. How can you be sure that you engage the right new person, at the right time, with the right message? The answer: dimensional mail, using TMA.
Position Yourself as a Thought Leader
the goal
You've got a thoroughly vetted target list. You've uploaded it into your marketing automation platform, and are ready to send an email driving prospects to your thought leadership whitepaper. You haven't gotten final email permissions from your leads yet, but you know that the asset is a valuable resource for them - and will create the buzz you want.
the approach
Complement your email with a concurrent display ad campaign, targeted social outreach, and to really stand out, send direct mail. Use a self-mailing piece that includes creative diecut presentation, whitepaper messaging, and a PURL prompting a download of the whitepaper. You'll bypass the spam filter and drive traffic to your website, all while delivering a cohesive experience.
position yourself as a thought leader
fractured data
Build Awareness, Pique Interest
the goal
Your latest tradeshow was a lead-capturing bonanza, and now it's time to capitalize on those prospects. Trouble is, the other 250 vendors that exhibited are bombarding your mutual prospects with emails and phone calls.
You need a strategy that puts your brand directly in front of your leads, and captures their interest at the same time.
the approach
It's time to use the power of dimensional mail to stand out and get noticed. Send a mailer that creatively showcases the power of your brand's solutions.
You'll put your brand directly into their hands, and you can follow-up with an email message. Incorporate social targeting to deliver an end-to-end experience that builds on your tradeshow momentum.
build awareness
marketing calculator
Keep Your Leads Warm
the goal
You have well targeted prospects that have shown some interest, but they're not completely convinced. You need to keep your company in front of them, and show that you have the solution to a pain point that keeps them up at night.
the approach
Keep them engaged with a box of branded gourmet chocolates, with a personal note, all packaged in a unique box! You'll sweeten the relationship, demonstrate your creative side, and earn some appreciation from your prospects.
Pair the dimensional mail with targeted email that highlights your capabilities. Finally, use outbound phone calls from reps and relevant social messaging from your CMO to wrap the whole campaign in the proverbial bow.
warm leads
chocolate gift
increase engagement
Now that you have their attention, it's time to cultivate an engaging relationship with your prospect. Keep your message and your company in front of decision makers with timely, targeted outreach that adds value every time you connect.
Drive Booth Traffic
scratch off card
the goal
Your biggest trade show is coming up in a month. Your manager asked you to double the booth traffic from last year and secure face-to-face meetings with a select group of targeted contacts. You have the budget for a high-value offer, and the list of targets is vetted and ready to go.
the approach
You've sent the first email invitation. You're promoting the show on your website, on your social accounts, and through targeted banner ads. What else can you do?
Send something unexpected like a lottery ticket! Wrapped in a self-mailing card with your logo and messaging, this custom printed scratch-off ticket reveals prizes ranging from water bottles to an all-inclusive vacation package in the Keys.
Your recipients have to bring their specific ticket to your booth, giving you the traffic you need with an offer that keeps the crowds coming.
drive booth traffic
Spread Awareness
the goal
You need to make life insurance interesting and spread brand awareness. That might seem hard enough, but now you've got to fight your way through a digital hurricane. You want to stand out in a boring landscape and get consumers to connect with your brand in a fun, interactive way.
the approach
Engage consumers on multiple channels, starting with direct mail. Send a small box with FRAGILE printed on it to get attention. When opened, recipients see a personalized note and paper frame.
The card plays into the idea of "Life is Fragile" and asks them to participate in a social media contest. The recipient frames up the person(s) most important to them, takes a photo, and posts it with your specified hashtag. They've engaged with you, spread the word about your brand, and are thinking about protecting those important to them.
life is fragile
fragile box
Increase Visibility
locked box
the goal
The key contact at your prospect company wants to bring your solution on board, but he's just one voice in a big company. There are 3 stakeholders that have to sign off on the contract before you can move forward. It's been almost impossible to get them together, much less to agree that your solution is the one they need. You need to start a conversation on their end, and let it grow organically.
the approach
Help your champion by providing extra awareness of your solution to the final stakeholders and increase your visibility across the board. Send your champion a key and send stakeholders a locked box with a message that prompts them to visit the champion to unlock the box. Inside the box are a few handouts that demonstrate ROI and some branded coffee mugs and pens. Your sales team will receive delivery alerts, so that they can step in and direct the flow, pulling them closer to a deal.
increase visibility
Create the Right Brand Image
the goal
Your prospects from the last five trade shows are still there. They expressed interest, but you just haven't been able to move them forward with email and follow up calls. You need to remind them of your company's value proposition, and the unique vision you have for their success.
the approach
Send a small empty gas can, something that can do double duty on their desk and hold pens, for example. Inside of the can is a personalized, rolled-up note that says, "Are Your Small Business Dreams Running on Empty?"
The message highlights how your company can add value and promises a $100 gift card if they schedule a demo with you.
gas can
running on empty
close the deal
The courtship is well underway, and love (for your products and services) is in the air. And while the proposals have been crafted, the coveted signature hasn't appeared anywhere. It's time to open the throttle for increased sales velocity and tap into the power of packages.
Schedule a Meeting
locked box
the goal
After a flurry of emails and voice mails, your sales executive has secured the name of the decision maker at the target company, but he is struggling to schedule the final demo with her. His ongoing outreach seems to have hit a brick wall and the opportunity has been sitting in the SQL stage for over a week now. How can you help move the relationship forward to a demo?
the approach
It's time to make an offer she can't refuse. Set up your marketing automation to identify opportunities that have stalled and trigger the send of a package that includes a personalized note, a branded presentation, and a die-cut print out of an Apple watch.
The offer is straightforward and compelling: If she's willing to take a demo with the executive, she'll receive the real watch. Your sales executive will receive a package delivery alert from your automation system, allowing them to make a perfectly timed follow-up call.
schedule a meeting
Get the Signature
the goal
Legal sent the redlined contract back to the prospect. It's in the hands of the decision maker, but he's been so busy that he hasn't been able to put that last critical piece on it: his signature. You need to drive a sense of urgency and compel him to sign.
the approach
Send the prospect a branded, custom box with a personalized note, and include the remote control for a high-end quad copter. The offer is simple: When the signed contract is back in your sales executive's hands, you'll send the actual flying unit to accompany the remote.
Your proactive outreach and the offer will help to move the deal forward, and his inner 8-year-old will love the aerial acrobatics.
running on empty
Drive Return Visits to Abandoned Carts
catalog pages
the goal
You have an abandoned cart filled with unpurchased women's apparel and you want to drive your customer back to complete the order. You're already using digital retargeting ads, but want to extend your reach and improve response rates via additional channels.
the approach
Send a package to her address (captured when she started her order). The package includes a product catalog, personalized notecard, and a series of fashion "recipe" cards. The "recipe" cards each feature one of the abandoned items with complimentary pieces that create a complete outfit.
To seal the deal, you include a PURL that takes her back to the abandoned cart to complete (and add) to her purchase.
drive return visits
customer retention and ongoing engagement
Once the contract is signed, there's no reason to stop engaging with your customers. In fact, supplementing your digital outreach with tactile components for new and existing customers can help foster goodwill, eliminate buyer's remorse, and create a strong, healthy relationship that stands the test of time.
Reward and Retain Loyal Customers
the goal
Try a tiered system to reward initial loyalty and encourage more purchases. Present small, digital rewards as a base offering for being a part of the program, and then encourage repeat purchases by mailing a gift as the customer moves up the loyalty ladder.
the approach
Keep customers hungry for more by sending gifts and a product catalog that are relevant to past purchases and web browsing history. For example, if a consumer buys biking shorts and has been viewing bikes on your website-send a branded water bottle and a catalog of bikes to encourage a purchase.
reward and retain
Acknowledging Customer Success
Acknowledging Success
the goal
Your customer just signed a great new contract with the client they've been courting for months. It means additional business for both your customer and your company, but the real value is in the deeper partnership that you're fostering with the business. It's time to show some love for their success.
the approach
The congratulatory emails are out, the win announcement is live, and their PR team is having a field day with the press release. What else is there? It's time for a fiesta...with the Instant Party Kit!
Show your excitement for their success and send a colorful piñata stuffed with poppers, balloons, party hats, blowers, branded plastic cups and streamers. Include a multi-color disco lamp to guarantee the festive atmosphere is complete when the goods get delivered. Your customer will enjoy a much appreciated celebration, and you'll strengthen the relationship at the same time!
acknowledge success
Tactile Marketing Automation®
opening TMA box
The scenarios listed here illustrate only some of the many ways you can leverage Tactile Marketing Automation to send high-impact touches to your customers and prospects. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination.
If you haven't implemented multi-channel journeys that include dimensional mail, it's time. Take advantage of the channel that cuts through the clutter, turns prospects into customers, and customers into advocates.
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