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Cut through the clutter and create high-impact touches that engage prospects and customers.
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The Tactile Marketing Automation (TMA®) solution helps marketers drive results through the send of personalized, high-impact dimensional mail, directly from their marketing automation platform.
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Why TMA?
Marketing managers deploy the TMA solution when they want to:
Increase Marketing Effectiveness
Incorporate dimensional mail into your multi-channel strategy to increase engagement, move prospects through the funnel and speed up the purchase decision.
Make Relevant Engagements
Trigger sends based on user behavior and data in your platform for timely communication that makes a real impact.
Improve Operational Efficiencies
Consolidate your direct mail and digital work streams to ONE workflow on ONE platform. Plus, when the manual process of dimensional mail is taken off of your hands, you save time and money.
Measure & Optimize Physical Marketing Investments
Track operational performance (product deliverability) and campaign performance (response rates) right in your marketing automation platform. This makes it easier to prove ROI and gives you insight into how leads are moving through the funnel.
The world's best digital marketers use TMA.
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Inside Sales "Adding direct mail to our ABM program helped us create as much pipeline in 6 weeks than sales or revenue of the whole previous year!"
-TJ Nokleby, Manager of Demand Generation
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"We have been emailing some of these prospects for nine months, but this gets them to call back in a week. TMA has helped this campaign be 3x more effective."
- Rick Caccia, CMO
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$1.2 Million
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Leading Inbound Marketing Company
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How it Works
The TMA solution integrates with your marketing automation platform to make the send of dimensional mail as easy as email. Just drag and drop print and dimensional pieces into your automated campaigns.
Once the step is triggered from within your campaign, fulfillment, shipping and tracking is handled for you.
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  • Integration with your marketing automation platforms
  • Personalized, timely and data-driven communication
  • Fully automated fulfillment and delivery
  • Real time job status & delivery tracking