How Account-Based Marketing Enhances Your Customer’s Journey

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You did it! You landed your dream account, and the deal has been closed. They got on board with your $10K solution. Sure, it’s time to pat yourself (and your team) on the back. But make no mistakes — your job is far from done. The product purchase is merely the first step of your customer’s journey, now that they’ve converted from being a buyer. What can you do to help your customer? We find that integrating certain Account-Based Marketing tactics can not only help your customer, but help you grow your account with them over time.

At PFL, the golden ticket to connecting with an account is to reach out and touch its members — literally. The power of tactile marketing can mean the difference between a trashed email and an opened package that gets the conversation going. But now that your conversation is well on its way, here are some ways that ABM practices can help bolster your relationship with your customer.

1. Use Account-Based Marketing to Master the Adoption Game

According to Totango, only half of paying customers log into their SaaS service less than once a month (or not at all). To top that off, a mere 17% of paying customers login to their SaaS service on a daily basis. There is a pressing need to actively engage users and increase the time they spend with your product.

In this phase of the journey, you need to don your ABM hat to convert customers into product advocates. Here are three quick strategies:

  • Lead workshops and product trainings to get your account on board with how to use your product
  • Host an event, or webinar to keep interest keen
  • Appeal to your account for customer reviews. You can use the information for your own marketing purposes, and it keeps a two-way conversation going between you

Some useful content pieces that support adoption strategies are penning and shooting tutorials, creating implementation guides and offering your account creative “How-To” resources. Make sure you deliver this content to your customer on channels that are scaled both to your objectives and their needs. Use a mix of channels with high response rates. At PFL we champion making a human connection with a tactile marketing piece to keep a conversation alive, and your customer actively thinking about your product. There’s really no better way to get anybody to read your content

Print out that implementation guide and send it with a thoughtful thank you note. Wrap that video tutorial in a clever package, paired with some how-to takeaways that your customer can post in their cubicle. The options are endless when you appeal directly to the human channel.

Using an Account-Based Marketing approach focuses on the human connection.

Using an Account-Based Marketing approach focuses on the human connection.

2. Harness the Power of the Upsell

Have any new features been added to your technology? Are there new products available in your portfolio from which your customer may benefit? Keep this fact in mind: It’s four times cheaper to upsell existing customers than acquire a new one, costing just $0.28 to acquire an additional dollar of revenue (For Entrepreneurs).

New facets of your solution appeal to different pain points. Your mission? Win new business! The top 50% of the fastest-growing SaaS businesses generate much higher upsells than their competitors (Tomasz Tunguz). It’s time to join the winning side. Three content offerings that support the up and cross-sale process are:

  • Product webinars: Create a compelling story that walks people through your products and its new features and upgrades, which will drive home its importance
  • Case Study: A strong case study outlines how your product truly serves your account, and how any new aspects of your products can continue to help them
  • ROI: Clearly outline how your solution affects your account’s bottom line

Keep your content focused on the account, tailored to their specific needs and values. This is the north star of any Account-Based Marketing approach and it is your north star for winning upsells too.

3. Land and Expand: Win from the Inside

You’ve closed a large deal but there’s opportunity to expand further within the account – here is where an Account-Based Marketing approach will help you land and expand. Think of yourself as a trusted partner to your customer, rather than an outsider. Start to service your customer as much as possible, and establish a relationship with an internal champion.

Map out a chart of opportunities within the company—new departments, decision makers, anybody who could benefit from your product. Much like an organization chart, this “opportunity chart” will help you “land” additional clientele.

Next, work with your internal champion to convert them into being an advocate. A good word from the inside is worth its weight in gold when it comes to winning business within the organization. At PFL, we’ve found that personalization is the key to sparking successful alliances. Once you know who know who to land, expand! Think about what to send them. What channels speak best to a CMO, versus an account executive? Could the marketing team use your product? Maybe HR could too. Be creative in the different ways you communicate with different members inside the organization.

Other key content items to help support your mission to increase account penetration are:

  • Case Studies
  • ROI
  • Video Testimonials

By mixing personalized communication with key elements of successful account-based marketing, you can not only enhance your customer’s journey, but also accelerate your relationship with them. Thoughtful content can effectively communicate your product’s attributes to your customer, and also help you maintain a human relationship with them. That human connection in turn can mean more, low-cost buy-ins that elevate your return on investment.

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