5 B2C Direct Mail Campaigns that Killed It

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Brands big and small love to use direct mail campaigns. Forging an emotional connection with customers and prospects is tricky, and dimensional mail bridges that gap in ways that digital marketing simply cannot. When you want someone to just put down their keyboard and pay attention, you have to send something real– something they can feel, hold and touch. Here are some of our favorite direct mail campaigns.

The Zimbabwean

We’re starting this list off with a South African newspaper exiled from its native Zimbabwe. The rapid decline— and eventual collapse— of the Zimbabwe economy has created unusual props for an attention-grabbing direct mail piece.

These one hundred trillion dollar notes are remarkable because, in Zimbabwe, that much money can’t even afford to buy a copy of the weekly paper. This campaign was designed to target readers in South Africa.

zimbabwean fundraiser

What You Learn From This Example
Direct mail can take advantage of paper engineering, and no one knows how to engineer things to fit in flat packs like Ikea. With this LACK (table) example, the insert can be torn out of a magazine and folded into a veritable table. The table is designed to just pop into place with a squeeze.

Ikea LACK Table Insert

Direct mail can take advantage of paper engineering, and no one knows how to engineer things to fit in flat packs like Ikea. With this LACK (table) example, the insert can be torn out of a magazine and folded into a veritable table. The table is designed to simply pop into place with a squeeze.

3d mailer insert

What You Learn From this Example
You can be creative with direct mail, using both form and function to tell your story. You can send similar pop-up cards as the mailer, as a magazine insert, or included with your products. With crafty engineering, the paper turns into a usable prop, similar to the pop-up books of your childhood.

ADT Direct Mailer

This campaign is almost too good to be true. While it may be dangerous close to a lawsuit (or three)– it is sheer genius, which speaks so fluently to the brand’s value, is practically a forehead-slapper.

The general idea is the same as the IKEA table above: a flat box that expands into a cube. This box, however, gets slipped under doors and into mail slots. Enter the marketing burglary: someone comes home, opens the doors and sees a huge cube that says, “breaking into your apartment is easier than you think.” We’re openly advertising a security system here. Take that for an emotional connection!

direct mailer example

What You Learn From This Example
Speak your brand’s truth, and you will make an everlasting marketing splash. There’s no real need to beat around the bush when it comes to communication. If you can get straight to the point, your value proposition will seem more like a life essential than something nice that someone may buy one day. Of course, it helps when your brand is about home security but what better way to position the vitality of your value than to push on a pain point in real time?

Pluralsight Video Card

videocard mailing

Utah tech company Pluralsight is bringing former First Lady Michelle Obama to speak at their Pluralsight Live tech conference Sept. 21, and dropped the news with a fancy video card invitation. Fulfilled by PFL, these classy invites do a visually stunning job of bringing a world-class speaker to their stage. Well done!

What You Learn From This Example
Video cards are a pretty simple way of delivering a video message by mail. They’re fully customizable, can be fitted with play, pause & rewind/ fast-forward buttons and are even chargeable. Open a card and see a high-quality video? That’s sure to make an emotional connection and drive your message home.

Land Rover LR4 Escape Key

The target Land Rover customer is an adventurer at heart, and always on the lookout for an escape. In this case, the adventurer’s pain point is kept in their peripheral vision, disguised as a clever escape key on a keyboard. No adventurer likes being cooped up in the office, and this cute diversion speaks the brand’s praises while driving its message home on autoloop during work hours. Perfection!

dimensional b2c mailing

What You Learn From This Example
This campaign does a fantastic job of two things: presents its value prop and keeps said value prop in constant plain sight. It’s also cute and clever. If you can cook up a creative item that people will want to keep around their desk (or in this case, straight on their keyboard), you will keep your brand in their subliminal mind.

Don’t be afraid to really put yourself out there. Your brand can’t make an impact if its marketing sits quietly online and arrives via postcards. As you can see, a great deal of thought, technology and ingenuity went into each of these sends. Impactful dimensional mail can really be the difference between your brand landing in the wastebasket and breaking into unforeseen territory, not to mention success. Go ahead, dream big and think up your next marketing move that will land on someone’s desk … and straight to their heart.

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