Summit 2017: Big Sky Big Ideas for Customer Engagement

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We’re all about our customers here at PFL. So much so that we’re dedicating our second annual Big Sky: Big Ideas Summit to the future of customer engagement. It will be a day to get inspired, explore Montana, have a blast and be in dialogue with the most brilliant minds in sales and marketing. But what does customer engagement really mean in today’s crowded landscape? Here’s what it means for us.

  1. Customer engagement covers the entire customer journey. Marketing is great, but today’s consumer demands to be interested in your messaging and product. From marketing and sales, to customer success— every stage is equally important. We think it’s time to bring everyone together so we can make sure our customers have the experiences we want them to.
  2. Engagement is a two-way street. If you want to have a fruitful conversation with your customers (much like anybody else), you have to know how to speak with them— not at them. Otherwise, they just aren’t engaged. To quote Marketo CEO Steve Lucas: “In a world where technology is ubiquitous and everyone and everything is connected — a notion I call the Engagement Economy — the winners will use these technologies and more to engage with people in an authentic and personalized way at scale.” We like to win, and in order to do that we must learn how to fluently speak the language of the customer.
  3. Engagement is authenticity. Big Sky: Big Ideas is about authenticity at its core. Together, we’ll explore how to interact with customers in a way that brings value to them, rather than just our desired results. This conversation goes beyond the bottom line: How do we commit ourselves to being authentic at a business level? How do we all make authenticity the norm? How can we start planning towards that vision?

We invite you to be a part of the group conversation that shapes how we grow inside a customer-first first universe. We aim to make customer interactions magical to our customers, and we strive to prepare the next generation of thought and business leaders to thrive in this new era. We’ve brought together an exciting group of speakers to lead the dialogues, including:

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Sounds amazing? Attendees will also have plenty of opportunities to explore the four mountain ranges in between Bozeman and Livingston and chances to go off the beaten path with their very own backcountry guides. The second annual PFL Big Sky: Big Ideas summit takes place October 5, in Bozeman Montana. Buy your tickets at

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