2018 Multichannel Marketing Report: Orchestration for the Win

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We teamed up with Heinz Marketing in August to conduct a study amongst B2B marketers. Why? To bring ourselves– and you– closer to the special sauce in your marketing mix. We dug deep, looking for correlations between marketing channel mixes, diversity and effectiveness to figure out what the real marketing game changer is today. In the course of the study, we found that integrated marketing campaigns who use both digital and non-digital channels indeed bring home better results than a siloed approach; however, the clear key to knocking your metrics out of the park is orchestration.

Say what? That’s right, orchestration. Here at PFL, we call the magic mix Tactile Marketing Automation, a tech-savvy way of getting your communication channels to the right people at precisely the right time. Interested in learning more? Read on for additional insights and discoveries that will help you be a more efficient (and happy!) marketer in the new year.

Additional Multichannel Marketing Insights

  • Nearly 60 percent of multichannel marketers spend less than half of their budget on digital channels. They cite non-digital channels as key to their success and effectiveness.
  • Marketers at companies with greater than $200M annual revenue reported nearly a 3X higher effectiveness of their multichannel marketing efforts versus those with non-integrated campaigns.
  • Marketers using non-digital channels only were nearly three times as likely to operate those channels in silos (31.9% vs 11.6%).
  • The vast majority of multichannel marketers (71.4%) plan to maintain or increase their use of direct mail into 2018 and beyond

PFL x Heinz Marketing 2018 Multichannel Marketing Report

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