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Our customers are using PFL to add high-impact, automated tactile marketing to their event marketing programs. Why? Because a multi-channel approach to event marketing drives more awareness, faster responses and drives higher attendance than digital-only channels.

From trade shows to webinars, if you need to drive people to an event, PFL is fuel-injected nitro for your event marketing. Here are real-world plays that leverage the automated, personalized and scalable direct mail that PFL provides.

3X Event Recall | 4X digital response rate | +81% attendance

Aggregated data from hundreds of PFL customers

Use Low-Cost Tactile Marketing Automation to Drive Targeted Digital Attendance

Digital events, like webinars, can be an excellent source for qualified leads. But, the appeal of a webinar is the low, low, low cost of entry. Adding a direct mail component may seem like waste of money, but when you add a little account-based marketing methodology, it becomes a valuable channel.

The Strategy: Target High-Value Accounts

If you have a list of known targeted accounts, segment any attendees from that account and target them with a low-cost direct mail send that reminds them to attend the webinar.

PFL’s Tactile Marketing Automation ® solution makes it easy to set this up as an automated rule, so mail is printed, personalized and delivered when a target account fills out your webinar form. Focusing only on target accounts can dramatically boost the ROI on this play, netting dramatic 120X ROI on a simple, low-cost mailer.

The Creative: The Battle-Tested Coffee Mailer

At PFL, we are fans of sending a Starbucks Via, or similar instant-coffee packet attached to an oversized postcard. If you’ve attended any of our webinars, live events or visited our booth at a trade show, we’ve likely sent one to you.

You can tool up some fun, and funny, creative around a shot of espresso. And, frankly, who doesn’t need a little caffeine?

The postcard is printed-on-demand and personalized with the prospect’s name, title and even includes custom artwork referencing their industry vertical.

PFL coffee mailer

Here are the best-practices for a low-cost mailer:

  • Keep it cheap, but make it memorable.
    • We like to attach stuff to a postcard, it survives the mail, is memorable and won’t bust your budget.
  • Personalize at least 2-3 items on the mailer.
  • Go big – oversized mailers have almost twice the response rate of a small (aka boring) mailer.
  • Include all of the critical information and only a single call to action.
  • Send the mailer out as soon as possible, you’ll need about 2-3 days to get the mailer into an attendee’s hands.

Not using target accounts just yet? No problem – this play will still work for you but depending on your budget, you may need to scale back your expectations to make the mailer cost-effective.

Trigger Creative Result
Instantly, when a target account signs up for your digital event. Low-cost mailer. Go cheap, but don’t be boring. Include a single CTA and just the critical info. Expect dramatic ROI when you target specific accounts, otherwise, expect a 30-40% lift in responses.

Increase Post-Show Action

Following your event with a thank-you reward, note or content is a great way to keep the momentum going. It is best to time these sorts of sends so they are waiting for the attendee when they return to the office.

The Strategy: Drive Action with a Tactile Reminder

This play will help you drive focused action from your audience. We suggest sticking to low-effort CTAs, driving them to engage on your LinkedIn page is a better idea than hitting an attendee up for a demo or meeting.

  • Encourage social engagement.
  • Point them to more content on your site.
  • Promote your newsletters, nurture stream content, podcast or other episodic content.

The Creative: Highly Personalized, Variable Kit

There is a lot of room for creativity here, maybe too much room so we’ll share some of the tactile marketing kits our customers are using to drive post-show traffic.

  • A welcome kit loaded with branded items, like water bottles, smartphone covers and more.
  • Something consumable – PFL can ship wine, too, if that’s your thing.
  • Your best content, printed in full-color booklets.

We always suggest you include a personalized card with your kit. Reference actual moments from the event, an attendee’s questions (if applicable) and of course, their name, title, and other demographic data.

  • Be thoughtful, and personal. This kit should reference the event.
  • Keep the CTA simple and foster engagement.
  • A great opportunity to share content in a printed, tactile format.
  • If you’re targeting accounts, spend more a kit for more valuable targets – send them a pair of nice headphones, not a branded water bottle.

wine mail direct send

Trigger Creative Result
Post-event campaign launch. Segment accounts, if desired. Something memorable and useful – keep this creative in the front of their eyes as long as possible. Expect a 20-30% lift in post-show connections.

Deploy Meeting Maker Kits for Trade Show Success

Meeting maker kits are one of PFL’s core Tactile Marketing Automation use cases. We’ve used this play to land some of our biggest customers and it works for our clients too.

A meeting maker kit tosses subtly to the wind and demands a proper introduction. Meeting makers often use a ‘do-that-get-this’ approach, for example teasing a prospect with a cool new toy (like an Apple Watch) if they schedule a demo. For event marketing, that means attending your event or stopping at your booth.

These kits are very effective for B2B tech companies and are designed to focus on high-value, targeted accounts. Because of their cost, you’d likely not want to deploy this tactic across your entire list.

The Strategy: Targeted, High-Value Leads Take Notice

Meeting maker kits need to be used with a fully fleshed-out marketing infrastructure around the kit. They can’t be sent as an afterthought and still deliver their shocking ROI.

  • Educate prospects about your solution and why you matter before sending a meeting maker kit. Consider capping a nurture stream with this type of kit.
  • Make it easy for the prospect to find you, schedule a meeting or take a demo. Have your calendars synced, tools in place and lead scoring solution ready to run.
  • Segment leads into target accounts before you even get started – meeting maker kits aren’t cheap, so don’t blow your budget on a bad fit.

The Creative: Wow Them!

Go all out for your creative. If you are using a ‘do-that-get-this’ kit, send something that is fun, useful and popular. A water bottle won’t cut it, the newest Amazon Echo will get noticed.

Think a gift is too garish? If that doesn’t fit your brand, design a high-impact kit loaded with your best content. But make it memorable – use a larger, premium box and opt for high-end printing effects. Now’s the time to scream ‘quality’ with your direct mail.

financial services direct mail video cardsonos direct mail promo

Trigger Creative Result
Targeted accounts that have been educated and primed on your business (have crossed a lead score threshold). Go big – even if you don’t use a high-end gift, do not skimp on presentation. Expect to double your meetings and bookings with a meeting maker kit, along with a host of other improvements.

Add Tactile Marketing Automation to Your Event Marketing Startegy

PFL’s direct mail solutions make event marketing more effective by making it easier to stand out and drive results. Get inspired by our Tactile Marketing Automation® Idea Book.

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