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tactile marketing ideasMarketers have been rattled by two huge changes that are the equivalent of an extinction event for old-school digital marketing.

First, the number of digital messages we all receive every day has reached critical mass. 3,500 messages a day! From email blasts to banner ads to YouTube pre-roll ads – we’re bombarded by digital marketing. So it should be no surprise that digital barriers are popping up everywhere.

Services like Netflix and Pandora are training customers to expect complete control over their digital channels and they’re overwhelmingly choosing to avoid digital marketing. At the same time, ad blockers are on the rise from integrated blockers within Chrome to features in email solutions that automatically banish marketing messages. Now is a great time to be a digital consumer and a terrible time to be a digital marketer.

Standing out, getting noticed and driving results in this landscape require thinking outside of the inbox. Digital-only marketing places a ceiling on growth but when paired with offline marketing, getting attention can be a piece of cake.

No really, a piece of foam cake that stands out on a desk.

foam cake mailer example

Tactile Marketing Automation is the next evolution of direct mail. It uses behavioral data to trigger production and shipment of direct mail pieces only when it is needed, so you save money. That same rich behavioral and customer data can be used to personalize direct mail pieces, changing text, images or anything else. All of this is shipped using slick integrations with FedEx so you (or your sales team) can see when the creative was delivered and follow up within moments, making it easy to tie direct mail back to your larger marketing strategy. And, since this is direct mail working in lockstep with digital channels, you get complete reporting on tactile marketing’s contribution to your bottom line.

It’s so different, we can’t call it direct mail. Here are some examples of how it’s used in the real world.

Use Tactile Marketing to Build Awareness

Many of our clients use Tactile Marketing Automation to drive awareness. You can do so much more with Tactile Marketing that demand generation, but it is easy to wrap your head around offline channels as brand awareness and a top-of-funnel mechanism.

The Goal
Your latest trade show was a lead-capturing bonanza, and now it’s time to capitalize on those prospects. Trouble is, the other 250 vendors
that exhibited are bombarding your mutual prospects with emails and phone calls.

You need a strategy that puts your brand directly in front of your leads and captures their interest at the same time.

The Approach

It’s time to use the power of dimensional mail to stand out and get noticed. Send a mailer that creatively showcases the power of your brand’s solutions. You’ll put your brand directly into their hands, and you can follow-up with an email message. Incorporate social targeting to deliver an end-to-end experience that builds on your trade show momentum.

How Tactile Marketing Automation Delivers Amazing ROI

You don’t need the power of Tactile Marketing Automation to send everyone on your list a direct mail kit, but sending direct mail into the void isn’t very different than sending emails to everyone on your list. Except that it is very expensive. With Tactile Marketing Automation, you can set up triggers in your marketing automation platform to reduce direct mail spend and boost ROI.

  • Engage prospects with pre-show emails first, if they respond digitally do not send them the demand generation kit.
  • Prospects that ignore your emails, but are high value can be sent direct mail kits once they’ve ignored a set number of digital touches.
  • Prospects that are engaging with your digital messages and are high value can be sent a slightly different kit – personalized automatically based on their digital behavior – with calls to more specific action.

The takeaway? Orchestrating direct mail solutions with digital channels lets you build hyper-personalized direct mail creative that is printed and fulfilled only when you need it.

direct mail send with amazon gift card

Use Tactile Marketing to Retain Loyal Customers

Tactile Marketing Automation isn’t just for getting noticed – it is the perfect solution for retaining loyal customers. Tactile, tangible, real stuff shows a level of appreciation that digital thank-you’s simply cannot. PFL makes it easy to set up an evergreen rewards program, here’s how our customers are doing it right now.

The Goal
Customer loyalty is one of the most crucial factors in your company’s success. The work doesn’t stop once you secure a new customer. You need a strategy that spurs repeat purchases and fuels new customer acquisition through word-of-mouth marketing.

The Approach
Try a tiered system to reward initial loyalty and encourage more purchases. Present small, digital rewards as a base offering for being a part of the program, and then encourage repeat purchases by mailing a gift as the customer moves up the loyalty ladder.

Keep customers hungry for more by sending gifts and a product catalog that are relevant to past purchases and web browsing history. For example, if a consumer buys biking shorts and has been viewing bikes on your website—send a branded water bottle and a catalog of bikes to encourage a purchase.

How Tactile Marketing Makes Retention Marketing Smarter

Tactile Marketing Automation has full visibility into your marketing and sales data. It can leverage the smallest detail to create an automated rewards program using your existing customer data.

For B2B organizations:

  • Monitor app usage or training programs to trigger rewards for individual users based on completed milestones.
  • Send rewards to entire teams when their managers complete critical roll-out or implementation phases.
  • Send direct mail reminders that show how you’ve impacted a customer’s bottom line, have them arrive in sync with contract renewal.

For B2C organizations:

  • Send catalogs, mailers or other direct mail that directly references a customer’s past purchases or wish-list items.
  • Save money on direct mail spend by sending it only when digital notices are ignored.
  • Send renewal notices that reference major milestones they’ve had with your brand.

Tactile Marketing Automation drives engagement throughout the entire customer journey. You can see more ideas in our Tactile Marketing Idea Book.

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