What is the Best Way to Implement PURLs into a Campaign?

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BLOG_PURL__HEADER_04012016-2If you’ve ever come across the term PURL, you probably know that it’s important for your business, but maybe you’re still not positive what it is. Ponder no further.

What is a PURL?

A PURL is a Personalized URL, sometimes called a custom URL. It’s a webpage address that is personalized for individuals. The address is easier to remember and grabs attention: seeing your own name in print can drive engagement.

Let’s say you own a local flower shop called Poppies and you want to send a piece of direct mail to a man named John Smith. To create a simple PURL, you would use your company’s web address with his name, which would look like poppies.com/johnsmith.

When it comes to crafting these URLs, try to make each web address a short URL as opposed to one that is so long the prospect won’t type it in. The point of using the prospect’s name is to not only get attention, but to make the process as simple as possible. Throwing in too many words (such as poppies.com/goodsandservices/offers/johnsmith) defeats the purpose.

Great PURLs Follow a Few Simple Rules

Creating a great PURL isn’t hard if you stick to a few tried and true rules. Be sure that as you craft each personal URL, you double check that you are following these guidelines:

  • They are short, simple, and correct. Don’t lose prospects with a PURL so long they won’t bother to type it in.
  • They are combined with an engaging campaign. A strong PURL doesn’t do you much good if the rest of your campaign is weak.
  • They serve as the sole call to action. A call to action is what you ask the recipient to do once they’re done reading your piece.

Get More Help with PURL Campaigns

If you want to see a breakdown of how to achieve each of these things and apply them to your direct mail lists, check out the PURL Best Practices Guidebook we’ve put together. You’ll learn the difference between PURLs that work and PURLs that don’t, how to implement them, and how they can boost the results of your direct mail campaigns.

If you’re interested in launching a direct mail campaign that includes PURLs as well as other personalization, we would love to help you! Get in touch to get started today.

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