Outreach and PFL Are Partnering Up! Here’s What to Expect for Your Sales Process

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Thousands of sales teams use Outreach Galaxy every single day. Why? It’s among the most innovative and flexible sales platforms out there – and PFL is proud to join the ranks with our powerful marketing automation integrations.

Today, we’re announcing a new strategic partnership to bring the modern versatility of Outreach Galaxy together with our award-winning PFL solutions, allowing sales and marketing professionals to seamlessly combine their multi-channel processes and add greater value to their direct mail strategies.

Whether it’s a simple thank you card or a fitness tracker, PFL makes it easy to show prospects that you care. Personalized and versatile, there’s nothing like getting a package at your desk – and PFL’s upcoming integration with Outreach Galaxy will bring that to hundreds of thousands of new prospects.

What’s the PFL difference?

  • Address verification service to prevent ROI-killing undelivered packages.
  • Dimensional mail sends seamlessly combined with existing multi-channel marketing strategies.
  • World-class integrations and a dedicated support team to help Galaxy customers get started right away.
  • An industry-leading print, packaging, and fulfillment solution under one roof.
  • Higher ROI, increased pipelines, and improved impact on potential customers at every stage of the funnel.

What Should Existing Galaxy Users Expect?

At first glance, there won’t be any visible change in your Galaxy experience. But, if you want to get noticed and drive results in your multi-channel strategy, there’s an easy and friendly way to get PFL integrated in your Galaxy solution: contact a PFL expert and get started!

About PFL

PFL is a leading provider of Tactile Marketing Automation solutions that help brands rise above the digital noise and be heard. With over 12,000 active customers, PFL provides sales enablement and marketing automation solutions, as well as printing, mailing and fulfillment services, to directly connect B2B and B2C organizations with cutting-edge solutions that accelerate productivity and drive business forward. The company is co-headquartered in Livingston, Montana and Indianapolis, Indiana. For more information, please visit www.pfl.com.

About Outreach Galaxy

Outreach Galaxy is a program for integration partners to more deeply integrate, and a new way for reps to engage with prospects – all on Outreach. Outreach, the leading sales engagement platform, is investing further in the sales ecosystem, with 500+ companies utilizing the Outreach API and over 30 recognized integrations. Galaxy is the one application that drives any action – enabling reps to more effectively leverage all the tools that drive success in finding and winning deals right from one platform. The result is a seamless selling experience for the reps, more time saved, and increased productivity. To learn more about active Galaxy integrations, please visit www.outreach.io/product/integrations


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