20 Best Sales Enablement Tools to Consider in 2019

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Perfect coordination between your marketing and sales teams would be a dream come true. While we’re on the subject of fantasy, why not also wish for a perfectly streamlined sales cycle and effortless lead qualification? Well, while we might not have a magic wand, these sales enablement apps  for desktop and mobile apps for sales will certainly have you thanking your lucky stars.

Content for Sales

You know all those blog posts, interactive content, white papers, case studies, and customer testimonials that Marketing produced? Well, your sales teams need those. Material that is helpful and relevant at each stage in the funnel builds that meaningful relationship between your sales teams and your customers. Making those marketing materials available on demand to every sales rep can be tricky, but it doesn’t have to be.


Cut the outdated media, the under-utilized content, and instead give your buyers a true value-based experience. By closing the gap between your sales and marketing teams, you can drive growth by more than 60% and see a 43% increase in closed deals.  


If switching back and forth between your work and traditional sales asset portals is wrecking your productivity, give Guru a try. Its browser extension reduces the time spent searching by 67% and by unifying your collective knowledge with the power of AI, it gets smarter every time you use it.


Take your next step towards a brave new digital world. Cloud storage makes keeping everyone in the loop easy and enterprise-grade security will give you peace of mind and let you focus on more important things, like your customers!

Content Optimization

optimizing content

Have a ton of material content but aren’t sure what’s missing or redundant? Need to know what parts of your web presence are on target or which emails are missing the mark? Then do we have some apps for you!

Atomic Reach

A content intelligence platform that compares performance, and scores readability and effectiveness of your material. Real-time metrics give your team the edge in decoding content performance, to identify your target audience and what really resonates with them.

Crazy Egg

You’re getting warmer. Now, get red hot! With Crazy Egg you can identify precisely what parts of your websites are drawing the most attention. Their heatmapping technology tells you exactly how your visitors are behaving, what their motivations are, and gives you that extra edge in optimizing (and redesigning) your content.


Track, measure, and optimize your web traffic and conversion rates to improve your management and your content. Now you can directly map the results of your content and get that empowered and holistic marketing channel overview that you need.

Mobile Access

Because staying on point means never losing touch. With these tools and apps you can stay connected to your customers, engage them with relevant and personalized content from anywhere, and even brush up on your skills and stay current in between.


On-demand training resources and the ability to develop your own video-based learning content with ease? Accessible how-tos, coaching, and tips from anywhere on your phone 24/7 to develop those competitive sales skills? Yes, please!


Give your sales force the competitive edge of total mobility with a system that looks good and makes collaboration a breeze. Engage your content from Google Drive, Sharepoint, Box, Salesforce, or OneDrive with ease from anywhere. A host of powerful features and secure cloud storage all wrapped up in a totally customizable theme that can match or enhance your existing brand.

Social Media

using social media

With so many people on social media platforms, it behooves you to make your presence there known. These apps give you the control to grow your own unified brand on social media and optimizes your prospecting abilities across the web.

Hearsay Social

Not only the leading system for social risk and compliance solutions, Hearsay also manages your social media and web presence and also offers predictive technology to target new opportunities. Built in integration with major platforms like SalesForce and even homegrown CRM systems streamlines your process. Meanwhile, automated prospecting optimizes your top-of-funnel demand generation, letting Sales focus on critical lead conversions and relationship building.


Get your voice on social media and make the most of employee advocacy. Increasing your visibility with curated content while boosting generation of quality leads will streamline your sales cycle and enhance your conversion rate. What more could you ask for?


Engagement and a little healthy competition turns your sales cycle into serious fun!


Capitalize on the fun and engagement of game metrics to your company! Develop that competitive streak with incentivized campaigns and urgent actionables. Highlight performance on leaderboards and celebrate personalized wins to push team excellence. By converting company goals into real-time contests, you can motivate and reward your people while driving performance.

Customer Relation Management

using crm software

You need more than just a good relationship with your audience. You need a connection. So what can be more important than optimizing the methods that you use to engage and build trust with your customers?

Aritic PinPoint

Keep sales and marketing in sync while cultivating leads with custom landing pages, push notices, and highly personalized, multi-channel campaigns. Automate your workflow and garner new insight on your clients to equip your sales team for the most unique customer experience available.

SAP Sales Cloud

Experience a dynamic and fully-loaded dashboard that brings the best in sales enablement right to your mobile device. Receive automatic updates and smart recommendations for each customer and never miss a beat with real-time predictive analytics.

Analytics and Performance

It isn’t enough to have a plan in place. You also have to know how it functions, that it is effective, efficient, and where it can be improved. And ideally, you’d like to know all of that before your ROI takes a hit. These apps will help keep you informed and on top.


Cast a wider net and pull in even more customers to your brand. This marketing analytics software draws all of your inbound data into one easily accessible location, resulting in strategic SEO tracking and actionable audit recommendations from local and industry-wide searches.


Power your ABM with AI. Simplify the measurement of account-level engagement and turn your segmentation protocol into an active lineup of your most lucrative leads. Identify and prioritize your best revenue opportunities and keep your data safe with enterprise-grade security.

Tactile Sales Solutions

receiving a sent gift

Because who doesn’t love to get a gift? Try adding a little sweet to your sales cycle and see how far a perfectly timed tactile campaign can go.


Give the gift of you! Bring the high impact of direct mail marketing to your sales campaign with branded swag. Relevant tangible items cut through the digital chatter and carry your brand right into their hands. Memorable and personalized gifts show a 10x boost to the likelihood of reaction and with SwagIQ, your gift is always on point, on brand, and on time.

Customer Feedback

We need to have a talk. The six most dreaded words in the relationship language; whether it’s feedback from your partner, your boss, or your client. Let’s head this particular conversation starter off at the pass and keep things running smoothly.


You don’t have to be a tech wizard to develop great detailed insights on your audience. Use the drag-and-drop functionality to quickly build your own forms and questionnaires, with fully customizable themes that maximize brand integrity and can embed directly into your social media.


Enable your customers to provide detailed feedback at any touch point throughout your sales funnel. Innovative technology and the ability to leverage masses of data into actionable and tactical improvements build an unbeatable edge.

Bad Ass Toys

great toys

Sometimes it’s hard to find things to get really excited about when it comes to enablement applications. But when you see all the bells and whistles on these bad boys, you won’t be able to wait to get your hands on them.


This system has more tools than a Swiss Army knife factory. Manage your brand, leads, assets, corporate marketing strategy, and partner relationships all at once. Use their dashboard to identify, cultivate, convert, and segment leads, while sales training and onboarding programs make learning easy. Automated sales prospecting, recruit playbooks, detailed asset analysis and generation of custom recommendations, social selling, CRM integration, and multi-channel flow control are just a handful of the features that make MindMatrix a must-have. With so many features available to you, you can streamline your sales cycle and never look back.


For when you just need to bring out the big guns. Using AI and machine-learning to smooth over any bumps in your sales cycle, Seismic transforms your ‘marketing and sales teams into one ultra-efficient, revenue hunting engine’. Add newly acquired SAVO Group to the mix and you’ve got one powerful system to control content and boost visibility, while ensuring unity across brand.

Looking for more? Check out our other blog posts on sales enablement or contact a PFL marketing pro for more details on how to implement a truly unifying sales enablement tool and change your company’s trajectory in a single step.

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