3 Ways to Win the Sales Game with Direct Mail

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It is more difficult than ever for a sales professional to connect with decision makers. Business executives receive an average of 122 emails a day, causing them to ignore sales correspondence and messages. Picking up the phone is no exception and takes the average sales person eight phone calls to contact a prospect.

You need a real conversation to get to a close, so how do you break through the noise and make a real connection? At PFL we’re building a better way to connect with prospects and make valuable connections. We’ve reviewed thousands of direct-mail sends triggered by our customer, and here are the best ways to win the sales game.

Establish Commonality with Your Prospects

Establishing commonality gets sales teams to the conversation faster. You’re going to have to vault over the digital barriers, electronic noise, and impersonal retargeting ads. Physical outreach (branded swag, direct mail, and handwritten notes) paves the way for thought gestures that become talking for the sender and recipient. Here’s an example:

Kristen is having trouble getting Jeff, a CEO and priority contact at her target account, to call her back. She has sent multiple emails and left voicemails but it’s just not working.

She digs around on social media and sees that Jeff is a huge dog lover. He’s got photos of him and his beloved German Shepards everywhere. Kristen sends Jeff a door-opener kit that includes some dog toys, treats and a note that comments on his dogs. Impressed with her effort, Jeff gives her a call.

Physical outreach lets you build this connection faster and more powerfully than you can through digital channels. Do the legwork to learn more about your high-value prospects before you reach out.

Trigger the Physical Outreach at the Right Time

Timing is everything. We look at the aggregate data from our customers and here’re our recommendations for when to send physical outreach:

  • Before a cold call, the physical outreach warms the prospect up and makes the call more productive.
  • When a deal stalls, the package pulls them in and can trigger a digital response such as scheduling a call or demo.
  • Before a live event, such as a tradeshow or conference, to get them to meet you in person.
  • On a particular date to celebrate a birthday, promotion or anniversary.

With PFL’s SwagIQ solution for Salesforce, you can trigger the send of direct mail, packages, kits and handwritten notes to happen in response to other triggers. Did they take a demo, and boost their lead score? Send a thank-you coffee kit. It happens automatically.

Follow Up at the Right Time

Perfecting the follow-up is critical to breaking through the noise. After a prospect or lead gets a package in hand and feels that powerful connection that comes with it, they are primed to respond. The problem is: they won’t usually do it on their own.

Call, email or begin retargeting as soon as the direct mail arrives. PFL lets you track deliveries in real time and pushes notifications with a follow-up task to your reps for the moment when a package arrives, so sales reps can capitalize on a critical selling moment.

The same is true for ongoing marketing efforts, too. After a prospect has connected with physical outreach, the cadence and message of your marketing may need to change. You’ll want a recipe that works for your organization, but the fact is: physical connection changes the dynamic. Everything becomes easier because the prospect is primed to respond more readily.

These three tips are helping our clients crush sales goals, speeding up sales velocity and getting great response rates. See how Cornerstone is doing it in this case study or give us a call and be our next case study!


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