30 Best Sales Tools to Close More Accounts

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If you’re in sales, you know that there’s no one-size-fits-all way to close them all. Some accounts are easy, while some take a lot of coaxing to get across the finish line.

Regardless of the type of account you’re working, having the right tools to work with will make the task a lot easier. Not every sales tool is a good match for your company or your customers, however. If you want to find the best sales tools to meet your needs, you need to know what options are available.

Here are some of the top sales tools on the market in 2019 to help your company excel and close more accounts than ever before.

  1. Salesforce

    Price: Varies based on selected features
    Why we like it: Salesforce is the leader in sales intelligence. It’s a multi-product service that offers a number of different configurations to meet a wide range of needs. It scales well from small business to large and has a strong focus on cloud and mobile technology to make it available from almost anywhere.

  2. Marketo

    Price: Varies based on desired features
    Why we like it: Marketing automation is essential to the productivity of modern businesses, and Marketo’s family of products offers robust solutions to meet a variety of business needs. If you’re looking for comprehensive sales management software, Marketo’s it.

  3. Engagio

    Price: Varies based on features
    Why we like it: A great tool that shows how accounts are engaging and gives your sales team the information it needs to increase both target engagement and sales velocity.

  4. Yesware

    Price: $12-$55 per month
    Why we like it: With email tracking, template creation, appointment scheduling, automated follow-ups and more, Yesware is one of the most useful efficiency tools you can add to your email pipeline. It even integrates seamlessly with Salesforce to make that service even more efficient.

  5. CustomShow

    Price: Varies based on selected features
    Why we like it: A powerful presentation can make or break a sales pitch, and CustomShow gives you more power than any other tool so you can close more deals. Beyond PowerPoint, beyond Keynote, CustomShow lets you keep your cutting-edge presentations up to date and ready to go across your entire company.

  6. inFlow

    Price: $69-$599 per month
    Why we like it: A complete inventory management solution that uses the power of the cloud to keep your orders, inventory and overall supply chain moving smoothly. If your sales cycle is clunky, inFlow can help.

  7. ClearSlide

    Price: $35-$125 per month
    Why we like it: A single tool to manage sales enablement, customer engagement, online meetings with team members, email management, analytics, presentations and more. A great sales rep tool with mobile apps for on-site engagement.

  8. Zendesk Sell

    Price: $19-$199 per seat per month
    Why we like it: This automation software incorporates sales tracking, productivity boosts and a number of sales solutions into a single robust package. If you’re looking for an affordable but flexible management tool, this may be the one.

  9. Pipedrive

    Price: $12.50-$49.17 per user per month
    Why we like it: A fully-featured sales CRM with a focus on simplify and ease of use, this tool also integrates well with a number of other popular sales solutions. Get actionable insights into your sales activity.

  10. Cloze

    Price: Free-$13.33 per user per month
    Why we like it: It automates the process of creating contacts, prompting follow-ups and analyzing online interactions. Utilizing advanced data science, it helps foster the most important business relationships (so you can focus your phone calls on the warmest leads) and makes coaxing the sale so much more natural.

  11. Minmax

    Price: Varies based on desired feature level
    Why we like it: Integrating into Gmail, this email productivity app provides workflow automation and can improve open rates to as high as 70% even from cold emails. If your sales process utilizes email frequently, this may be a great choice.

  12. Xero

    Price: $9-$60 per month
    Why we like it: True sales productivity requires accounting productivity as well. Xero’s online accounting software does the heavy lifting for you, and its powerful mobile app makes data entry on the go a breeze.

  13. Sales Navigator

    Price: Varies based on desired feature level
    Why we like it: A LinkedIn product, Sales Navigator is already connected to the platform that has the majority of your business connections and key decision makers. It helps you target customer profiles using a wide range of attributes and business features.

  14. Zoominfo

    Price: Varies based on features
    Why we like it: It helps to ensure that your sales reps have the most up-to-date information about other companies before sending them into the B2B trenches. A helpful research tool for all of your sales and marketing efforts.

  15. GoToMeeting

    Price: $14-$39 per month
    Why we like it: Contact is essential to make the sale, and GoToMeeting makes online collaboration and meetings amazingly easy. Beyond sales professionals, GoToMeeting can streamline collaboration within your whole company.

  16. Lusha

    Price: Free-$199 per month
    Why we like it: One of the best ways to get the email addresses and contact information that your sales reps require, and it offers five free contact reveals per month to give you a no-commitment method of trying out the service.

  17. CircleBack

    Price: Free to install
    Why we like it: A great contact management app that prevents duplicate entries and keeps the contact info that your sales reps use up-to-date in real time.

  18. Hubspot Sales

    Price: Free-$4,200 per month, depending on features and scale
    Why we like it: Regardless of whether you’re looking for a marketing push, contact management, lead generation or customer service, Hubspot has a solution for you. And if you’re looking for all of the above, you can bundle them together into a single package.

  19. Copper

    Price: $19-$119 per user per month
    Why we like it: Copper saves up to 25 hours per week on common tasks while increasing report accuracy by up to 50%, all in a tool that integrates into the email and other tools your sales reps are likely already using.

  20. Soapbox

    Price: Free-$99 per month, or more for advanced features
    Why we like it: This is the ideal video platform for sales presentation videos, and it operates as a Chrome extension so it’s already optimized for playback on PCs and mobile platforms.

  21. SurveyMonkey

    Price: Varies based on desired features, user count and plan type
    Why we like it: Customer feedback is essential to optimizing your sales pipeline, and SurveyMonkey is one of the most trusted names in customer polling and feedback generation.

  22. Calendly

    Price: Free-$12 per user per month
    Why we like it: One of the easiest scheduling products on the market with direct integration into some of the most popular calendar apps. It’s clean and easy to use, allows you generate custom meeting links, and makes scheduling meetings a breeze.

  23. FreshBooks

    Price: $15-$50 per month
    Why we like it: FreshBooks is an easy-to-use cloud-based invoicing and accounting platform with a wide range of features to meet a number of business needs.

  24. Watson Campaign Automation

    Price: Varies based on features
    Why we like it: IBM has leveraged the powerful Watson AI platform to help power marketing automation and targeted content management. What’s not to love?

  25. ConnectAndSell

    Price: Varies based on features and call volume
    Why we like it: Unlike standard autodialers, ConnectAndSell uses smart predictive technologies to get your sales reps more live calls and more positive results with each dial.

  26. AirCall

    Price: $30-$50 per user per month, or more for advanced features
    Why we like it: It integrates seamlessly into most popular CRMs, letting your reps make calls directly from their contact lists. The software also lets you automatically record the calls and collect useful call metrics without the need for additional software or analysis.

  27. Inside Sales Box

    Price: Varies based on desired features
    Why we like it: It’s a fully-featured sales acceleration platform with a wide range of useful automations and integrations so your sales reps can spend less time on the little things and more time on closing the sale.

  28. Microsoft Dynamics 365

    Price: $40-$210 per user per month
    Why we like it: Powerful and packed with the latest in cutting-edge CRM technology, Microsoft has built apps and connected CRM platform features to help you accelerate sales no matter the size of your business.

  29. Acquire.io Chatbots

    Price: $200 per month
    Why we like it: A chatbot on your page or Facebook profile automates part of the lead generation process, allowing potential customers to make initial contact and be forwarded to a sales rep once they’re ready to take that next step.

  30. DocuSign

    Price: Free to use (up to a certain number of documents), then $10-$40 per user per month
    Why we like it: Safe, secure electronic signature collection and digital transaction management is vitally important if you are going to conduct any business more complex than ecommerce online.


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