Cold Calling Tips: Don’t Do It!

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Cold Calling Tips for Sales TeamsSales teams go through the ringer. They deal with stress that may not always be apparent to their colleagues, such as struggling with cold calling.

Not only can it be hard to make a pitch to a stranger over the phone, but the rep is aware that the other person is very busy and resents interruption.

B2B cold calling successfully lands meetings only around 1% of the time, not a great ROI considering the effort involved.

Here’s our cold calling tip: don’t do it!

Why Cold Calling Will Not Work

Successful cold calls rely on good first impressions, but sales reps have a difficult time gauging over the phone how their messages are being taken. With time limited, they might fall back on a script.

A script is not a conversation. It is a weak, scrawny imitation of a conversation. This is why cold calling, at heart, is a poor method for engaging prospects.

Conversations start with common ground. If you know something about the person’s work or interests, you engage them on that level and ask questions. These conversations go somewhere, that’s why sales teams fight over the best leads – the ones that are more engaged.

Create Warm Calls 100% of the Time

Wouldn’t it be better to dial a prospect and have them recognize you, right away? What if you could cut out a slab of common ground and just ship it your prospect?

Well, you can. All you need is a mailbox.

Tactile marketing is one way to warm up leads and get them to have more meaningful conversations

Let’s say your team has targeted a number of strong prospects and wants to get the conversation going. Instead of picking up the phone and making cold calls, send out well-designed dimensional mail pieces that incorporate a personal note that converts, key value props, samples or demos, and links to further information on your website.

Now a sales agent can ask, “How did you like your package? Can I answer any questions for you?”

This strategy has made it easy for the rep to go into a conversation armed with something other than just a hollow sales message. The prospect has been given an opportunity to learn the rep’s name and review the product information beforehand.

Instead of a cold call coming at the wrong moment, what takes place is a follow-up call to a personal connection that’s already been established. The sales rep and the prospect have common ground and can be more relaxed with each other.

The result: a sales rep has a much better chance of getting the prospect to agree to a meeting.

Empowering Sales Teams

PFL makes sales tools that make cold calling work. Tactile marketing takes the stress out of calling by first providing a concrete way of reaching out to prospective buyers.

We talk a lot at PFL about appealing to your customer’s emotions through personalized approaches, especially when you take into account how stressful your buyer’s journey can be. Tactile marketing in particular works for every stage of that journey, helping build better relationships from first introduction to onboarding – and beyond.

To learn more about actual ways that TMA and SwagIQ have been used to empower sales teams and convert prospects, check out some of PFL’s customer success stories.

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