Four Tips to Personalize Field Marketing

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Wealth Managers, Financial Advisors and Brokers are being surrounded by challenges, from new regulations that hinder marketing to changing demographics (Millennials and aging Baby Boomers). The stakes rise higher with the looming threat of robo-advisors, the growing dependency on digital technology and lofty customer expectations.

To stay competitive, wealth management organizations need to get a tight grip on customer experience.

Customer experience is a true differentiator in today’s market and the core of a great experience is personalization. Personalization has grown from a marketing buzzword to a core business concept across every industry. The idea reaches far beyond using a customer’s first name, or referencing their birthday. Here’s how you can leverage personalization to build a better customer experience for your clients, no matter where they are in the buying cycle.

Establish Clear Processes that Include Advisors

The first step is to establish trust and communication between marketers and advisors. This is hard enough as is, but when you’re dealing with independent advisors that are communicating through email, video chat and phone calls, the problem is compounded.

  • Establish bi-weekly, monthly and quarterly check-ins with advisor teams. This is a great opportunity to see what they’re learning and add invaluable in-the-trenches data to the company-wide view of your customer. It is also the best time to improve processes that bring both teams together.
  • Content production is a team sport. Field and vet feedback from advisors, include your content marketing managers and contributors in the discussion, so content is produced with an advisor-first philosophy.
  • Report the wide view of marketing to your advisors. Create a process that allows marketing to propagate critical information on the changing marketplace to advisors.
  • Include sales teams in marketing campaigns. Look for sales’ feedback on outbound and inbound campaigns, make sure your messages align with what’s working in different markets and push brand guidelines back to sales.
  • Test, change, test again. Keep tweaking your communication processes so everyone’s included and encouraged to participate.

Once you’ve established or strengthened your advisor and marketing alignment, it becomes much easier to hand off the duties of personalizing content to remote, self-sufficient operators.

Give advisors the power to personalize marketing

Enable Advisors with the Right Tools

So your teams are aligned, but now you need the right tools that make personalization scalable and impactful. Here are some ideas:

  • Create a central home for marketing assets. Free advisors from non-selling tasks like looking for and creating marketing content by giving them easy access to all of your content. Drive adoption by housing content in an organized, searchable hub within tools advisors already use.
  • Allow structured customization. Encourage advisors to personalize their local marketing without sacrificing brand consistency or legal compliance. Use marketing controlled templates that advisors can customize by choosing from eligible images, offers, market news and investment recommendations.
  • Help advisors connect with clients on any channel. To attract new and keep existing clients, advisors need to provide a cohesive, value-adding experience regardless of delivery channel. Empower them to easily send assets in any format: email, direct mail, or social posts.
  • Let advisors add or remove contacts from nurture streams. Advisors have a real-time pulse into customer communication preferences. Allow them to influence nurture stream inclusion, control the cadence of communications and manage customer preferences. Have a prospect that’ll be on vacation? The advisor should be empowered to pause that client from communications till the return.
  • Use data to guide engagement. Empower advisors to send the right asset at the right time — but give them an edge: suggest the most effective content based on customer demographic and behavioral data.

The real key here is to pick a tool that will be easy to use and drives a huge adoption rate. The independent spirit of advisors means they’re going to resist any tool that does fit seamlessly into existing workflows. If it automates legwork, maybe with tight CRM integration, that will make it more appealing.

Teach Advisors How to Write the Perfect Personal Note

The right tools make personalization possible but the art of writing a personal note makes the message drive action. Here are some tips to get your advisor bringing a personal touch to their customer outreach.

  • Keep it simple
  • Be personable/ do your research
  • Focus on value not features
  • Include a call to action

Personalization breaks down quickly when it comes to scale. Integrating CRM lead, prospect and customer data with your marketing program can make the process easier because it lets  Use pre-made templates to keep the design of the personalized note clean and simple.

Orchestrate Marketing Communications Across All Teams

Imagine getting a letter in the mail from your financial advisor about your retirement plan and college savings account. The letter reminds you to schedule a meeting with the advisor, so you do. A few days later you get a text reminder about the meeting, then a day after that you get the first in a series of emails reminding you to schedule an appointment with your advisor. You know, the one you just scheduled.

Coordinating outreach from multiple departments isn’t easy, but the customer experience is critical. How can you trust your wealth planning with an organization that can’t even figure out if you’ve scheduled an appointment or not?

This scenario isn’t an outlier, it is the reality for many organizations. Here’s how you can keep your marketing messages in line:

  • If you’re using marketing automation technology, set up trigger-based emails that look at your advisors first. Let the advisor’s actions trigger emails, don’t leave them on a scheduled send.
  • Share your marketing cadence and plans with your advisors. The truth is, they may be too busy to pay attention, but if you can work with your CRM developers/ administrators to write custom rules, you could alert advisors to when (and what type) of marketing message has been delivered.
  • Promote the idea of elegant orchestration within your marketing department and export the idea to other teams, from tech to sales.

Make advisor marketing scalable and automated



Personalization isn’t easy, certainly not at scale. Our Survival Guide for FinServe Marketers shows you how top performers are leveraging technology to solve the problem. 

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