5 Reasons Why Outside Sales Needs to Practice Brand Compliance

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Enforce Brand ComplianceDo you run a tight ship? Now think of the visibility between your sales and marketing teams. Is your sales team external? Now think of your ship. Do you see too many tacks in its course? Now, think of all the different way your brand communicates to the outside world. Do they tell the same story? Brand compliance is a more integral part of successful sales than it may seem. While it’s a cornerstone of marketing– and the very fabric of both brand reputation and demand generation–it also has a direct effect on your bottom line.

Your sales team shouldn’t be tasked with policing brand compliance. The catch is; however, that they’re out there building your brand with powerful, face-to-face interactions. If your brand is misrepresented, there’s suddenly friction between customer expectation and customer experience. The cost of losing your brand in that mix is high.

Here are the top five reasons why your sales team needs to keep brand compliance front and center in their process.

The Customer Comes First

The first victim in an off-brand message is the customer experience. The customer experience becomes inconsistent– not only for existing customers, but for new customers and leads in the pipeline as well. Adoption rates will waver, and retention rates will plummet.

Poor Brand Compliance is an Expensive Marketing Misfire

Misaligned brand messages can sink your marketing strategy. Millions spent in television, radio and digital spend can go up in smoke if you’ve got rogue outside sales agent remessaging your brand. You already know the pain that goes into developing strategies that align you against your competitors. Don’t you want the gain that comes with it? Keep every conversation, on any conceivable platform, consistent.

Say What? Brand Compliance = Strong Demand Generation

Bad branding on the outside muddies outreach, driving demand generation off a cliff. How can someone get stoked about you when they hear different stories about you? The space you battle in is crowded. Don’t weaken your signal with scrambled messaging.

Lead in the Right Direction

Leads overboard! With the wrong leads knocking on your door, abandoning ship after clogging up your sales pipeline like a moldy tree root, how can you expect marketing to work?  While your (or the next company’s) model may always have room for improvement, keeping your brand buttoned up pushes away poor leads. So ultimately sales is impacted by poor branding because it produces junk leads. Who wants to close deals that are set for failure?

It’s time to get your ship in shape. There is a way to keep communication open between teams, share data and content and track your progress in real time. PFL’s Personal Marketing Center is a Salesforce solution that repaves sales and marketing data into a two-way street. Outside sales teams have everything they need in one place. They can order print collateral — from simple business cards to complex, kitted sends — emails, access social sharing and more, all from inside Salesforce. Marketers monitor what content works and what fails, and suggest the best content to sales based on their lead’s metrics.

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