How To Revive Stalled Deals

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How to Revive Stalled DealsSurviving in SaaS sales means dealing with stalled deals. There are probably more stalled deals in your CRM than dead ones. When deals stall out, our emotions threaten to take over and we only think of ourselves. We want action. We want a close: the finish line is right there.

But hammering prospects for action is a great way to turn stalled deals into dead ones.

Stalled deals need engagement. Conversation is your goal right now and a soft touch is better than a punch in the face.

Here are some SaaS sales tips to resist your killer instinct and wake stalled deals properly.

Don’t Go For the Big Close (Again)

Don’t push for a yes or no, don’t push for more time. Don’t push. The goal should be a new conversation, this time with better engagement.

If your champion failed to pitch you to their peers, or decision makers, don’t send an email asking ‘have you ever touched base with your director?’ Offer value instead, and reel your champion back in for a conversation. Getting them excited again isn’t the same starting over. Reframe your value, offer new collateral, or come at them with competitor data.

Give Them A Choice, Not a Corner

Give your stalled deal a choice to re-engage you. Don’t box them into a corner, instead leave them an exit. What kind of crap sales advice is this? It’s not: when a stalled deal chooses to engage, they’re going to be more responsive. Bullying a stalled deal into a corner isn’t going to work. You’re not in used car sales; you’re in SaaS.

Offer to take their calls, or host demos, in whichever platform works best. Be accessible by email or phone, and pay attention to the verbiage you use. With stalled deals, throwing out loss language is only going to make you look out of touch. Instead, coax them back into engagement with new information, different content and better context.

Focus on the Micro-Close

Always be closing is great advice, but a close isn’t just a signature. It can be a phone number, a date on a calendar, or an introduction. You might call this a lighter ask: if a prospect won’t introduce you to the decision maker, ask for a meeting with just you and the prospect. Lots of micro-closes build you up, but don’t repeat the same close twice. Instead, lead the prospect on a micro-close path that takes them back to the original ask. Yes leads to yes. Little yeses lead to a signature.

Keep the Focus on the Prospect

When you reach out to a stalled deal, keep your emails, phone calls and other outreach focused on the prospect’s needs, not your close. This also means being tactical with your language.

Keep questions pointed toward the prospect and keep each statement focused on just one idea. “How do you see this solution impacting your day-to-day?” and “When are you free this week?” are better asks than “How can we help you?” and “When can we meet?”

Get Their Attention with a Gift

It’s the end of the quarter, how many emails and voicemails do you think your prospect is getting? Send them something in the mail, maybe branded swag or content from your marketing department. The trick here isn’t what you send so much as how personalized you make it, so always include a personal note. This tactic gets noticed, time it correctly so your email or call lands with the package.

Following a tactile send with a phone call works. Here’s a paper we wrote about it.

We all hate stalled deals. They suck up resources and the frustration they cause poisons our sales mojo. Use these tips to beat your own worst impulses and walk a stalled deal back to the table.

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