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Trust is the Touchstone of Financial Services

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Trust is the touchstone of financial services.

Financial Services companies know that trust is the cornerstone of any client relationship. People want to be a name, not an account number.Prospective clients need to feel peace of mind about who they're working with before handing over their portfolios — the key to their futures. Nurture trust from the beginning from top of funnel, broad campaigns to— even within a larger marketing campaign — with 1:1 communications that make people feel like individuals, not just numbers.

To deliver truly powerful moments that separate you and your brand from all others, personalized direct mail is your best ally.

Financial Services

Direct Mail is Personalized. Powerful. Direct.

Integrating direct mail into
marketing achieves

improved results on average
over digital-only campaigns.

Financial Services companies build trust with PFL across the entire buyer and customer journey

Awareness Campaigns
Deal acceleration to sign new clients
Events with clients and prospective clients
Advocacy and expansion
Adoption and retention of high-net-worth clients
Critical mail such as statement, SEC notices, regulatory and compliance mailers

How are you leveraging direct mail to create elevated client experiences?

The Benefits of Direct Mail Integration

The Benefits of Direct Mail Integration

Tech Line

Build personalized experiences across the entire client journey making it simple and easy to reach the right person at the right time with the right messages.

Trigger automated direct mail sends directly from Salesforce — reducing errors, without the need to rely on an offline printer or vendor.

Provide marketing teams and account managers with the ability to automate 1:1 outreach, welcome kits, reminders, and follow-ups — integrating with your digital marketing motions and optimizing print spend.

Reduction of errors when sending critical mail to stay compliant with regulatory bodies.

PFL’s Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Sales Cloud integrations create automated, compliant, and ultra-personalized client and prospect experiences that are easy to execute — timely, streamlined, and strategic, for the highest return on investment.

Get Measurable Results

Save Time & Improve

efficiency gain
Customer Success

BCBS of Michigan saw an 80% reduction in time spent sending annual notices. They also improved their speed for sending welcome mail to newly enrolled members by 70 percent.

Print Spend

cost savings
Customer Success

BCBS of Michigan saw a 56% YOY cost reduction for customer-fulfillment materials.

Response Rates

Increase in response rates
Customer Success

BCBS of Michigan saw a 14 percent conversion rate for driving online opt-ins.

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