Create Memorable Moments to Acquire New Customers

Integrated direct mail makes customer acquisition easy, resulting in Increased pipeline and ROI.

Create Memorable Moments for Your Prospects

Thousands of marketers have increased engagement and ROI with PFL.

CUNA Mutual Group

“With PFL, the process is totally streamlined, from campaign conception to creating the physical kit to mailing, tracking, and, most importantly, integrating with Salesforce. This allows us to capture the results of our direct mail programs via campaigns.”

Principal Marketing Program Manager

Direct mail increases engagement and helps your message stand out.

Direct Mail Package

of marketers are likely to open a direct mail package

Marketers Use Direct Mail

of marketers use direct mail to convert leads to pipeline

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Core Features & Benefits for Acquisition

Nurture Success

Account Based Marketing

Show high-value prospects how your organization can deliver value. Send a series of personalized mailers at scale—with messaging tailored to each prospect’s specific pain points. Start with a small touch, such as a coffee self-mailer, and build to a box full of content and treats to move the prospect to a closed-won deal.

Deal Acceleration

What if you could unstick even 25% of your stalled opportunities? Adding direct mail to your digital, email, and calling efforts can help you stand out and re-ignite the urgency to make a purchase. PFL integrates with your CRM/MAP to make it easy to personalize and trigger mailers to send after a certain amount of time at a particular stage.

Deal Acceleration
Retail Generate Awareness


Expanding to an untapped region or market? Reach out to your new target audience with a personalized postcard or self-mailer as part of your top-of-the-funnel marketing cadence.

Events and Webinars

Direct mail can be leveraged as an event invitation, a reminder to attend, a pre-event prep kit, or a post-event follow-up. Each of these mailers can be triggered to send automatically. Simply set it up and let PFL handle the rest.

Retail Educate