PFL for the Technology

Technology companies are often vying for the attention of the same customers. Direct mail can help you stand apart.

PFL for Technology
SaaS and Technology Solution

Tech companies are clamoring for market engagement through mostly digital channels. In the age of ABM, this means they are working to gain the attention of the same executives and buying committees as competitors—flooding in-boxes with content and adding to digital fatigue. How do you stand out from the crowd to improve response rates and engagement? Insert direct mail into the digital journey. Add the human touch.

PFL is the only solution that brings together technology, printing, storage, and fulfillment in-house to maintain the highest quality standards, capabilities, and visibility for our customers.

Vertical Line

Tech Companies use the PFL platform to execute a variety of strategies, including:

Awareness campaigns; carve out space on their desk!
Deal acceleration
Event registration and follow up
Advocacy and expansion
Adoption and retention

Core Features & Benefits for Tech Companies

New Patient Onboarding


Have a new product or solution that people need to know about but sending emails isn’t enough? Send creative mailers that deliver your message and value prop and drive prospects back into digital streams for follow-up.


Webinars and other virtual events are amazing lead-gen machines! With direct mail, you can entice prospective attendees with popcorn or coffee mailers or invite them to watch the recording for those who could not make it. Then, turn attendees into prospects with a follow-up mailer to get them to take a meeting.

Retail Educate
Direct Mail


Use “meeting maker” direct mail kits to get prospects to take meetings and support the deal closing. Follow up with “Congratulations” kits after the deal is signed.

Customer Onboarding and Adoption

Drive product adoption and use through continuous reminders about best practices, drivers of success, where customers under-utilize your tech, etc. Also, brand-bomb your customers to help keep your product top of mind.

Customer Loyalty

Build Customer Loyalty & Retention

Keep customers feeling valued with “feel the love” kits that inspire them to refer business, share ideas, and renew their subscription.