PFL for Healthcare Payers

Healthcare Payers must help members stay engaged in their healthcare, be compliant with care plans, and make better personal choices to reduce the cost of care.

PFL for Healthcare Payers

Build personalized direct mail experiences across the patient journey to create interest and engagement. What’s more, considering recent Pew research, it’s clear that what they call “a digital use gap” when targeting adults 65-plus is for real. Healthcare professionals agree the inability to reach elder customers via digital efforts can often be overcome with direct mail.

Triggering automated direct mail directly from your CRM is more efficient, integrated, and impactful.

PFL is the only solution that brings technology, printing, storage, and fulfillment in-house to maintain the highest quality standards, capabilities, and visibility for our customers.

Vertical Line

Healthcare Payers can use the PFL platform to execute a variety of strategies, including:

Helping new members understand their coverage
Assisting members in finding in-network providers and services
Supporting care plans to drive better outcomes
Driving compliance with prescribed behavior modifications

Core Features & Benefits for Healthcare Payers

Critical Mail

Critical Mail

You have mail that must be sent in a timely manner and tracked—explanations of benefits, changes of service, new member cards, and more are mandatory notifications your members must receive by mail. Stay compliant with federal, state, and local regulatory bodies by integrating direct mail into your tech stack to remain compliant while delivering a top-quality member experience.

Broker/Benefits Manager Awareness

Build better, long-term relationships with insurance brokers and Benefits Managers. Get their attention through personalized direct mail that helps them see the value of your services over your competition. Treat them well to create increased affinity for your brand to reach new members while reducing churn.

Broker / Benefits Manager Awareness
Educational Events

Educational Events

A great way to introduce members to your company and their benefits are through educational events. Send them a written invitation to join upcoming virtual or live events to drive higher attendance. Then follow-up with a “thank you” gift related to your services to help them remain engaged.

Member Onboarding & Patient Support

Send your new members an onboarding kit to get them started after open enrollment is complete. Then, follow up with additional benefit information throughout the year to help them better understand how to use them wisely. Further, direct mail can help support physician care plans and treatment options to support them in their self-manage between appointments.

New Patient Onboarding

Keep Your Data Safe

Tech Line

Only PFL can provide the level of security you need to keep your data safe. We are HIPAA, SOC 1, SOC 2, GDPR, ISO 27001, and CCPA compliant, as well as PCI certified for your peace of mind.

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