PFL for Marketing

Build pipeline faster by harnessing the power of your data to personalize and trigger high-impact direct mail programs.

PFL for Marketing
PFL Integrations

PFL integrates with your CRM or MAP to help create attention-grabbing branded moments, delivered at the perfect time and place, that will capture your recipient’s full attention in ways no digital-marketing experience can. PFL allows you to easily integrate online and offline outreach and trigger direct mail when it matters most.

PFL is the only solution that brings together technology, printing, storage, and fulfillment in-house to maintain the highest quality standards, capabilities, and visibility for our customers.

Vertical Line

Marketing teams use the PFL platform to execute a variety of strategies, including:

Account Based Marketing
Adoption & Retention
Advocacy & Expansion
Deal Acceleration
Pipeline Development

Core Features & Benefits for Marketing

Direct Mail Journeys

Direct Mail in Automated Journeys

Drive engagement with personalized direct mail, orchestrated in perfect harmony with your digital channels. Reduce the manual effort of running direct mail campaigns. PFL makes multichannel journeys seamless and easy to manage.

Data and Intent-driven Direct Mail

Make an impact with timely and relevant direct mail. Use your data and digital intent signals to inform the content and timing for your programs. Then, use delivery data to trigger the next action, such as a task for sales or an automatic email.

Data and Direct Mail
Variable Data

Variable Data

Make every prospect feel like your only prospect. Whether you’re sending one personalized piece or hundreds of thousands, PFL’s templates make it easy to personalize direct mail at any scale. Map direct mail template fields to object fields in your MAP or CRM to customize the text and images used in the direct mail piece for each recipient.

Measure & Optimize

Track direct mail attribution within your CRM or MAP. PFL associates direct mail sends with contacts in your tech stack so you can see when a contact received mail, what they received, who sent it, and what the campaign was. A PFL attribution dashboard in Salesforce gives insight into asset usage as well as influence on pipeline and revenue.

Measure & Optimize