PFL for Customer Experience

Elevate CX and increase adoption and advocacy with automated, personalized, and timely direct mail.

PFL for Customer Experience
Direct Mail is highly effective

Direct mail is a highly effective, scalable tool integral to an intelligent customer experience strategy. With PFL you can enhance your digital experience and nurture clients with automated, data-driven, and personalized direct mail—all perfectly timed to critical moments in the customer journey. PFL integrates with your CRM or MAP making this process automated, personalized, and measurable.

PFL is the only solution that brings together technology, printing, storage, and fulfillment in-house to maintain the highest quality standards, capabilities, and visibility for our customers.

Vertical Line

Customer Experience Teams can use the PFL platform to execute a variety of strategies, including:

Account Based Marketing
Critical Mail
Customer Advocacy and Retention
Customer Success
Cross Sell/Up Sell
Customer Expansion
Customer Experience
Deal Acceleration
Pipeline Development

Core Features & Benefits for Customer Experience

Nurture Success

Nurture Successful & Engaged Customers at Scale

Drive product adoption using your data to segment customers based on usage. Create a program for advocates to test new products and provide feedback, then send a thank-you gift for their time. Celebrate lifecycle milestones like anniversaries, renewals, event attendance, and “just because we appreciate you” moments.

Drive Net Revenue Retention

Reduce churn and leverage your data as an early-warning signal, prompting engagement with a customer who might be pulling away. Help new stakeholders in existing relationships feel the value of your brand. Celebrate and follow champions as they grow into more significant roles and expand into new departments.

Customer Advocacy

Power Up Customer Advocacy

Increase customer advocacy with direct mail to thank customers, reward referrals and reviews, and make every customer feel like a VIP. Inspire engaged customers to share and recommend your brand by building educational nurture programs that tell your brand story. Strengthen relationships with communities and make members feel like the brand insiders they are.