Retain Customers by Providing Value and Celebrating Wins

Increase retention and ROI with integrated direct mail that delivers results.

Retain Customers

Thousands of marketers have increased engagement and ROI with PFL.

CUNA Mutual Group

“[PFL] helped us scale internally by removing the ‘downstream’ administrative tasks of sending documents to patients once a week, which took clinician time away from patients. It also allowed internal staff to focus ‘upstream’ on patients instead.”

Senior Product Manager

Direct mail increases engagement and helps your message stand out.

Direct Mail Package

of marketers are likely to open a direct mail package

Direct Mail Pipeline

of marketers use direct mail to convert leads to pipeline

Vertical Line

Core Features & Benefits for Retention

Nurture Success


Send high-impact direct mail to drive adoption of your product or service and to keep customers informed about how they can be successful using your product. Sprinkle incentives along the customer journey to keep them engaged to build brand affinity.

Cross Sell/Upsell

Create excitement for new product launches with a memorable direct mail package. You can also trigger timely, personalized incentive offers to increase app downloads, in-store visits, or repeat purchases. For customers who are not responding digitally, trigger a postcard with a limited-time offer.

Deal Acceleration
Retail Generate Awareness


Show customers how much you value them by celebrating milestones, thanking them for referrals, and recognizing personal successes. Integrating your CRM/MAP with PFL technology will allow you to set triggers to automatically send anniversary, birthday, and other timely mailers.

Events and Webinars

Direct mail can be leveraged as an event invitation, a reminder to attend, a pre-event prep kit, or a post-event follow-up. Each of these mailers can be triggered to send automatically. Simply set it up and let PFL handle the rest.

Retail Educate
Customer Loyalty

Build Community

Keep customers feeling valued with “feel the love” kits that inspire them to join your customer community and share ideas.