PFL for Sales

Close deals faster by empowering sales reps to personalize and send direct mail to engage prospects at any stage of the buyer's journey.

PFL for Sales
PFL Integrations

PFL integrates with your CRM/MAP platform to help create attention-grabbing branded moments, delivered at the perfect time and place, that will increase pipeline and accelerate deals by capturing your recipient’s full attention in ways no digital-marketing experience can. PFL allows you to easily integrate online and offline outreach and trigger direct mail when it matters most.

PFL provides sales reps with access to customizable, marketing-approved mailers with templates they can personalize while staying on brand. Triggered tasks remind reps to follow up within 15 minutes of delivery—that’s minutes, not hours or days.

Vertical Line

Sales teams can use the PFL platform to execute a variety of strategies, including:

Pipeline Development
Deal Acceleration
Account Expansion

Core Features & Benefits for Sales

Direct Mail

Personalized Direct Mail

Sales reps can customize and send dimensional and flat mail right from Salesforce. Triggered tasks remind sales reps to send mail and follow up. Give your sellers access to customizable, marketing-approved templates so they can personalize assets while staying on brand. Achieve sales and marketing alignment on direct mail strategies.

Budgets & Asset Permissions

Guide effective direct mail sending and improve ROI by customizing budgets and access to mailers at the individual or group level. Direct mail is a strategic touchpoint, and a free-for-all strategy results in wasted money and resources. Permissions ensure users only see assets that are relevant to their role and stages of the buyer journey they engage with. Budgets help users determine what is appropriate to send at each stage.

Instant FedEx Delivery Alerts & Task Creation

Instant FedEx Delivery Alerts & Task Creation

Get attention with a perfectly timed follow up. We’re the only solution that offers real-time delivery notifications. Use our instant delivery notifications to create a Salesforce task and/or email alert. Contact your prospect as they engage with your mailer and see response rates increase by 10 to 20 percent.

Address Capture

Don’t just get the address—make the experience remarkable! With PFL, you can create branded landing pages for address capture and gift selection. You have full control over the branding, including emails, the landing page, and the journey that follows. Reinforce your message, offer mailer options, share a calendar for meeting scheduling, validate requests, send confirmation emails, trigger MAP or CRM automations, and automate fulfillment.

Address Capture