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Engage Smarter. Close Faster.
Drive Results.
Sellers feel alone in the field, fighting to remain on brand while closing deals. Marketers back at corporate are blind, grasping for insights, hungry to engage.
Stop the madness!
Personal Marketing Center is a sales enablement solution that lives natively inside of Salesforce. It puts marketing-approved materials into the hands of your sellers, no matter where they are.
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Personal Marketing Center is for sellers.
Sellers want to close more deals, and they know that only happens with deeper connections to prospects and customers. Free them to do what they do best and give them access to your best materials: do it automatically, do it for every channel.
  • Personalize marketing assets without going off-brand
  • Stop worrying about regulatory compliance in your marketing
  • Close more deals faster by sending the right message at the right time
Personal Marketing Center is for marketers.
Create smart, flexible templates that encourage sellers to personalize content without going off-brand. Enjoy full visibility into local marketing efforts.
  • Engage with prospects on more channels: print, email, social and direct mail
  • End under-utilization of marketing resources with a native solution
  • Use Salesforce reporting engines to get real-time updates on field marketing efforts
Why PMC®?
Close more deals, faster, by putting world-class marketing assets into your seller's hands.
Keep sellers' marketing efforts inside Salesforce, where it's easy to use and easy to report.
Keep your brand message on point with smart templates that balance personalization with strict controls set by Marketing.
Brand Compliance
Give your sales reps instant access to customizable, marketing-approved templates for everything from email to social to print. Admins can set powerful rules that allow sellers to access only the materials they need and keep your marketing on brand with every send.
Smart Templates
Guided Engagement
Imagine what you could do if you connected marketing and sales data in one place. Personal Marketing Center does it by leveraging behavioral data captured in Marketing Cloud to suggest the best content for leads and prospects. It's easy for sellers to use the right message, at the right time, to drive engagement and win results.
Guided Engagement
Native Salesforce Solution
Personal Marketing Center is a native Salesforce solution. It lives inside of Salesforce Sales Cloud and has full visibility into Salesforce Marketing Cloud. This is important because point solutions don't lead to real change, they lead to underutilized assets and lost revenue. Keeping everything in one place, within reach, means your organization will actually use the solution and that will change the way you do business.
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Personal Marketing Center empowers sales reps to personalize, manage and execute their own local marketing. Reps can add personal info, custom messaging, change nurture stream cadence and more. The assets they use are locked by marketing, so the message is always on-brand and legally compliant. As a result, field reps will not only save time, but will be able to provide more high-touch service, improving client satisfaction.
Kiss your sales and marketing alignment problems goodbye. With Personal Marketing Center, both parties get visibility into how prospects are engaged, if they have been through email campaigns, and sales rep activities. Eliminate duplicate efforts and enable sales reps to have more relevant, timely communications.
PMC also reveals deep insights into marketing and sales effectiveness. Sales reps in the field track their effort in real time while marketing professionals have visibility into sales rep and asset performance.