We're Looking for a Few Special Marketing Leaders—Just Like You

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We are looking for those innovative marketers who use PFL to make direct mail easier, more engaging, measurable, and—most of all—profitable. If this sounds like you, we invite you to join our “Ambassador Program,” destined to become a vibrant community of forward-thinking PFL advocates—customers who want to support fellow marketers by sharing experiences in a variety of ways.

To further celebrate the invaluable contributions of our customer-Ambassadors, we are now adding exciting incentives into the mix. Whether you're submitting a case study, leaving a review, referring a customer, or speaking at an event, each action brings you closer to an exclusive perk and continued recognition.

As you complete achievements, you'll journey towards the ultimate reward: An unforgettable trip to visit us in Montana to explore the great outdoors and connect with your dedicated success team in a unique and beautiful setting. 

How the 'Ambassador Rewards' Program Works
Review the “trails” and choose a path that works best for you. Opt-in to the tasks indicated on the trail you chose. Meet the requirements and receive your reward!

* Platform fees not included (applies to all "trails").

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Getting involved is simple. Just choose from the options below to indicate how you would like to participate—check one or all—and we will be in touch directly!