PFL is Looking for a Few Special Marketing Leaders—Just Like You

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Are you interested in building your personal brand as an innovative marketer? Virtual and in-person networking events? Chatting with PFL’s leadership team about marketing strategy and techniques? Having an outlet for your thought leadership? Maybe even a gift or two now and then?

If so, you’ll want to hear more about our new “PFL Ambassadors Program,” which is destined to be a vibrant community of forward-thinking, modern marketers who use PFL to increase response rates, book more meetings, streamline operations, and improve ROI by making direct mail easier, more engaging, and totally measurable.

If you are interested in being a PFL advocate and support fellow marketers by sharing your experiences—including best practices, tips, success stories, and more—we invite you to join the “Ambassadors Program” today, in any way that suits you.

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