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5 Ways to Use Preferred Address Capture

PFL has developed a method to capture not only your contact’s attention but also their preferred address. We call it the Preferred Address Capture solution, and it’s the market leader in address confirmation.

What’s remarkable about sending direct mail to the right contact with the wrong address? Nothing. Remarkable moments happen when strategy meets intentionality, so make your campaigns more intentional with these tips for capturing preferred addresses!

Conversions Increase with Direct Mail

Direct mail is the physical moment when your brand message becomes personal to the contact. They don’t just read your message — they’re holding it in their hands. Without direct mail in play, multichannel outreach is weakened, easier to ignore.

Due to the drastic increase in remote working that was a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, companies didn’t have a reliable method to reach people with physical mail. Our customers put direct mail on hold, and so did we. PFL pivoted to heavy phone and email sequencing. No matter how creative we were, our reply rate didn’t rise above 9.7%, and our conversion to a sales call was 0.9%. After we created Preferred Address Capture, we began sending direct mail again. Our reply rates doubled, and our conversions increased by almost 10x.

Remote work isn’t going away. A whopping 99% of people want to work remotely at least part of the time for the rest of their working life!

Because more people are working remotely, it's necessary to use Preferred Address Capture as part of your direct mail campaign flow.

Brands have to adapt to this new reality, but luckily you don’t have to keep your most effective channel on hold. Read on to learn how to send direct mail to remote workers.

We Created a Solution for You

At PFL, we’re all about developing new ways of reaching people, and we created the Preferred Address Capture to do just that. It’s a three-step process intentionally tailored for you:

  1. Drive contacts to your landing page. We can help you do that with personalized and beautifully branded direct mail and/or email campaigns.
  2. Your contact fills out and submits a form.
  3. This form submission automatically triggers next steps, such as:
  4. Direct mail fulfillment
  5. An alert to the sales rep
  6. A confirmation email for the participant
  7. Data transfer to your CRM or marketing automation platform

PFL makes this process personal. You have full control over the branding, including emails, landing pages, and the journey that follows.

Plus, we can do as much of the heavy lifting as you need. We can offer our Professional Services to cover everything from the emails to the landing page.

5 Ways to Use Preferred Address Capture

  1. Promote events. One of our favorite uses of Preferred Address Capture is for virtual events. Swag is (generally) everyone’s favorite part of in-person events. COVID-19 took that away. PFL gave it back with solutions like the Booth in a Box experience. We recently partnered with Demand Gen Report to help boost engagement with their annual #B2BSMX conference, which they were hosting virtually for the first time. We created customized boxes for attendees to enjoy. The kits included a high-quality coffee tumbler, coffee-flavored gummies for snacking, a scratch-off booklet with conference sessions, and more. Attendees have been raving about the kit. Preferred Address Capture makes it easy to deliver the same high-quality brand experience to your event attendees!
  1. Get meetings. Booking a meeting has never been easier. Our Calendly integration for the Preferred Address Capture experience gives contacts the flexibility to quickly schedule an appointment with a sales rep directly from the landing page.
  1. Delight customers. Some of our clients have used the Preferred Address Capture to employ a loyalty program with their contacts. They offer gifts and incentives with the loyalty program. These gifts are relevant and customized, such as Lume Cubes for great video, craft coffee, and Yeti Ramblers.
  1. Share relevant collateral. Send your contacts to a landing page that offers valuable print collateral and a snack to enjoy while reading. Contacts can choose the collateral they are most interested in. Your contacts will appreciate a break from the computer screen and will remember this thoughtful brand moment!
  1. Fulfill a do-this-get-this campaign. Start with a small self-mailer that offers a pick of rewards if the prospect takes a meeting. After the meeting, the contact gets the link to choose an item. An example of this campaign for a Smart Home System Company could be a mailer that offers an Amazon Echo. After a phone or video meeting with a representative at the company, the contact can redeem the incentive.

These are just a few ways you can use Preferred Address Capture. We’d love to explore how we can customize this solution for your brand and business needs. If you’re ready to connect with your audience no matter where they are, contact us.

Need more convincing? Experience Preferred Address Capture for yourself here.