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Core Values: Progress—The Link to Results

When executive teams discuss core values, "Progress" certainly must be one of the topics. The conversation might go something like this:

  • "If we value progress over perfection, will our teams ever complete anything, or will we settle for good enough?" 
  • "If we value progress, will we keep working on something, even after we know we're on the wrong track?" 

When we look a bit deeper into this core value, we can see why it matters and what "progress" really means. Progress sounds familiar. We often speak of progress, but in practice, it is easy to be too rigid. In the past our teams have delivered with the right intentions and have greatly improved our company. We want all that goodness to continue. Let's look at why progress is a new core value for PFL. 

Progress is purposeful and is the activity that links people and relationships to results. 

We value continuous improvement for ourselves and our customers. We believe progress usually involves simplifying the process, taking the most deliberate route. We believe progress happens when we remove barriers, ideate collaboratively, and act decisively—yet explain our reasoning to encourage adoption. We believe progress includes celebrating wins while also embracing failures for what we can learn from them. 


Forward Momentum

Progress is forward momentum. Progress is also confidence inspiring. We want a company in which ownership is practiced, and, in the event of failure, we can view that failure as a necessary step on the path toward success. 

Progress is speed. If perfection is the goal, we'll never arrive. After a complete assessment of opportunities, we need to be comfortable with delivering software, processes, and other improvements quickly. Then, as we orient to our new environment, and observe the impact, we can act decisively to progress our teams and company to the next opportunity.  

We must be diligent to leave the old things behind and move forward with the knowledge and expertise we've gained from our experiences. 

Sometimes we'll get things wrong. Sometimes we'll outgrow a process, tool, or system. When that happens, we must be diligent to leave the old things behind and move forward with the knowledge and expertise we've gained from our experience.  

Progress is collaborative. Show your work. Explain your thinking. Take a position. Have a point of view and share it. Now, more than ever, I believe that our teams are working together. We're here for each other. 

Simply put: Progress is moving forward quickly and collaboratively to deliver results. 

Each one of us is needed to move this company forward. Each of us brings unique perspectives, and insights to the problems we're solving and the opportunity before us. Each of us has a role to play. 

As I look back over the past several months, I'm amazed by the advancements we've been making. In every area of the business, we've been sowing seeds of success. We're about to see that hard work pay off. This is an exciting time! 

This is the third part of a four-part series that started with “People” and
“Relationships.” Next up, the final part, “Results.”