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From Ghosted to Engaged: Unearth the Power of Direct Mail for 'Wake the Dead' Campaigns

In the oversaturated world of digital marketing, it's easy for messages to get lost in the shadows of endless emails and notifications. That's why "wake the dead" campaigns have become a staple for marketers looking for creative ways to reengage with contacts who have gone silent. To successfully resurrect your leads, however, you’ll need to take a more hands-on approach.

Breaking the Curse of Ineffective Marketing

Leads go cold for many reasons. Some professionals ignore sales emails altogether, while some, whether intentionally or not, see a lot of these messages end up in their spam and junk folders. Others are simply so bombarded digitally that they often miss the promos and offers emailed to them. So, how can you break through this curse of ineffective digital marketing? Try using modern, automated direct mail.

Today’s direct mail is a powerful tool that can reach your prospects in ways you haven’t thought of. Unlike digital messages, direct mail won't end up in the email inbox graveyard. It's a tangible, attention-grabbing medium that physically lands in a recipient’s hands or on her desk.

What’s unique about direct mail—be it cards or gifts—is that it is usually unexpected, intriguing, and makes an impression. While breathing life back into cold prospects, mailers also lead lost souls back to your digital brand via QR codes and other CTAs.

Prospect Marketing Program Manager at PFL, Yahzmine Kinney, said “Most funnels have a wealth of opportunity in the form of contacts who’ve gone silent. Engaging with these contacts in authentic, tangible ways, can be the difference between exceeding your goals or falling short. In fact, in our 2023 ‘wake the dead campaign’ we saw a 10 percent increase in reengagement.”

Follow these four steps to bring your next “Wake the Dead” campaign to life:

  1. Segment your list: Identify the dormant prospects who could benefit most from a personalized direct mail piece.
  1. Craft compelling content: Your message should be clear, concise, and captivating. Consider incorporating a special offer or incentive to entice them back.
  1. Design for impact: Your direct mail piece should be visually striking, making it impossible for your prospect to ignore.
  1. Track and analyze results: Use unique tracking codes or URLs to monitor the response rate of your direct mail campaign.

Now you’re all set to exorcise the underperforming tactics that haunt your campaigns. So, who you gonna call? Why, PFL, of course. Our experts are ready to offer more tips for using direct mail to bring your prospect-marketing campaigns back to life.